Grand, Earth Trine, exalted SUN,Venus and power squares

April 8  How were your dreams last night?

How did you feel the SUN Jupiter opposition? 


A VIRGO Moon is diligently busy true to its’ character today.

MERCURY rules VIRGO and GEMINI. The trickster communicator planet is stationary about to turn RETROGRADE on the 9th/10 and it is the most powerful at these points.

Be careful about miscommunications. Virgo energy tends to make one get fidgety about being perfect. Mercury is not going to help with that right now.

Fortunately, there is a lovely GRAND EARTH TRINE which forms over 3 hours.

The Moon to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and MARS in TAURUS at 19-20 degrees EARTH

Grand Earth Trine, astrology, Tara Greene

Good energy to ground your power in. 

VENUS RETRO squares SATURN RETRO this is a double karmic energy as I mentioned yesterday. Venus is at its EXALTED DEGREE 27 degrees PISCES.

I will be doing ceremony on Saturday for you.

There is some powerful magic going on here as well. JUPITER governs both PISCES traditionally and SAGITTARIUS and JUPITER is in a very positive fortunate position right now. 

TAKE NOTE: Especially if you have planets aligned to these degrees in your natal chart. 16-21 degrees of all CARDINAL signs this could work very well in your favor. That’s me too. 

THE  SUN is standing at its exalted degree 19 ARIES and in square to PLUTO

Rider Waite Tarot card reader Tara Greene

This could be very rich as in TOO RICH, the two are in a T-SQUARE with JUPITER in LIBRA as well.  PLUTO can go either way, usually if one is unconscious one creates one’s own soul shadows outside of oneself. The SUN is life and PLUTO is DEATH.  In Astrology The SUN in Aries is the KING or EMPEROR or the EGO and PLUTO is SCORPIO- DEATH. Long Live the KING, the King is DEAD.  Ultimately this is the most important soul and ego work there is to do. ALL GREAT and exalted to boot. 

Tarot cards Death Tara Greene

The day closes out with the VIRGO MOON inconjunct to URANUS and ERIS in Aries which can be a very tricky meeting between neat humble Virgo and radical energized URANUS and ERIS. Awkward at parties. You may get too frazzled with trying to keep everything punctual and start screaming. 

Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES in PDT/next day EDT and GMT

Your body may hurt and your feeling vulnerable. There is a lot of shit coming up both positive and negative out in the world right now, and if you are sensitive your body may feel exhausted and your heart chakra ache. The U.S. bombing in Syria may lead to another serious war. 

Be gentle with yourself. Eat well under a Virgo moon your digestion is delicate. 

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