Feeling the wounds of everyone

April 4  CANCER MOON, in America and Canada’s birth sign, makes us yearn for the comforts of home. Have you been feeling very emotional since MONDAY since the Moon entered CANCER?  That’s usually what happens. OThe BIG grand cardinal crosses are being set up and the MOON gives has given us a foreshadowing yesterday.

Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES in the early morning

Expect chaos, with people acting and driving erratically and sudden outbursts of anger. Protect your sensitive Cancer feelings.

Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES early a.m. 

This aspect makes us super sentimental and weepy. Venus is RETROGRADE in PISCES  and the MOON trines her later today.

MOON trines Venus is RETROGRADE in PISCES later today.

PIsces Moon, Tara Greene astrology

Kinuko Craft’s cover art for Od Magic by Patricia McKillip

Let it all flow, let the tears come, it’s ok to feel vulnerable. You will be feeling the wounds of the thousands of women who are smuggled, raped, trafficked, beaten, sold and the children who starve to death, and the old leaving the earth and having their last breaths. It’s hard to feel all of that. This is compounded intensely by SATURN, Lord of the REALITY show we call LIFE, turning RETROGRADE at the GALACTIC CENTER April 5th.  These energies will prevail for the next few weeks. 

MOON inconjuncts SATURN IN Sagittarius

Wanting to leave home to travel or go away to school or just for the adventure, but terrified at the same time. The mood will shift soon, just breathe through it. Let the people you know how you feel about them.

MOON ENTERS FIERY FLASHY LEO in the late afternoon

BIG energy shift. 

MARS inconjuncts JUPITER in LIBRA RX

This is a battle of stubborn obstinate pushy MARS- masculine energies and JUPITER in LIBRA wanting to appear NICE. Whatever it is you really want, go after it. Don’t let convention, saving face, social niceties, or unibalancing the cart get in your way.


Speak from your gut instincts are strong, trust them. Leo Moon energy can be overbearing, make sure you think long and hard before saying or doing anything. Take your time same Mars in TAURUS. This is also a very heartfelt and body-mind combo.  Stay grounded, you will need to with the explosive energies coming up.

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Xzone RADIO  TV , Tara Greene

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