March 29 Think like a star

Aries Moon speeds along conjunct to URANUS and MERCURY in the wee hours.

ALien Queens, Femmes from Venus

Venusians seeking Martians

A QUICK-WITTED, shoot your mouth off day. Whatever ideas come into your mind they will be scattershot, barrelling out of your mouth instantly. You may dream up a new invention, take a rocket to other galaxies, start your own revolution, and storm out on your own. Make sure you write it down when you awake.


Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, astrology Tara Greene

There will be an easy quick-witted and rather quirky sense of humor today.

Aim your arrows of truth higher. Be careful of being overly spontaneous and bursting into flames.  Be careful around guns, barbecue‘s, hazard materials, etc. Too much honesty no matter how off-handed, told as a joke, or well-intentioned, may still get your ass in trouble. Those who don’t tell the truth may get their pants on fire. LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! you know that one?

The moon is Void-of-course early in the day

MOON ENTERS Stable plodding sensuous TAURUS @ 8:48 am PDT/ 11:48 am EDT

Taurus 1st decan astrology Tara Greene

1st decan in TAURUS image {0-10 degrees}

The mood will be much more stolid and stable until the 31st under a Taurus moon. Taurus Moon slows our emotions down, we need to get grounded after all of this ARIES VENUS NEW MOON energy. We are also still in the 3rd days of DARK MOON. This is good grounding energy what with the JUPITER-PLUTO square March 30. You may feel like you’ve been slapped down into your body, There’s been an overdose of ARIES hot firey energy over the last few days. 

Taurus energy astrology Tara greene

While MARS is in TAURUS, March 9-April 22, our actions are more concerned with our physical stability and our bodily comforts. We don’t want to stress. All we want is to stubbornly enjoy this sensuous, physical world of beauty, count our money, protect our resources and smell the roses.  Remember to smell the roses.

Ferdinand the Bull 


This is a very nice energy for thinking about big vast cosmic ideas. SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is at the GALACTIC CENTER now. New ways of calling the Gods? SAGITTARIUS is the sign of the MASTER TEACHERS, the dwellers beyond.   Shoot the truth at whoever you think needs it. 

Native American teachings that i was given say that our thoughts are like arrows. You want to shoot positive arrows, or rainbow arrows, Thoughts which contain all of the chakras energies. This aspect is very much like the MOON in ARIES Trining SAGITTARIUS earlier today but definitive and even stronger.

See video below for more on this. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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