Law of Attraction, Venus as day and night star

Venus conjunct the SUN is super powered ATTRACTION.

The Lovers,Venus-Sun Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

Oil painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2011.

72 x 48 x1 inch. Shown at Robert Kananaj Gallery 2012, Toronto “Eidolons.”

VENUS is the great Attractor, her charms are her natural Goddess Feminine forms of beauty. Are you feeling the love? 

If you were born near or between any of these dates you are also experiencing a Venus Synodic cycle RETURN

April 24th 1937- Nov. 26, 1938

April 22nd 1945 to Nov. 24, 1946,

April 20th 1953-Nov. 21 1954

April 17th 1961-Nov. 19 1962

April 15th 1969- Nov. 16, 1970

April 13th 1977 to Nov. 14, 1978.

April 10th 1985- Nov. 11, 1986.

April 6th 1993-Nov. 9 1994.

April 5th 2001-Nov. 7, 2002. 

April 3rd, 2009- Nov, 5 2010

If you were born within a week or two of these exact dates either before or after you may also be in a Venus Return as Venus is Retrograde during that time. 


Venus in Aries, like the sign of Aries itself, is proud, independent, head-strong, daring, bold, martial artists, hot-headed, impatient, fighters, competitive. Aries keywords are “I AM.” The first sign is where we take our first breath, where our life force manifests from spirit into the physical plane. Aries is at an infant stage. Aries can be immature but open to learning. Aries only knows that their own needs come first. A baby cries for food, to be changed, to be paid attention to. This is what the baby needs to stay alive. Its’ wants and needs are the same thing. Thanks to CIA Agent 27 Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess for speaking about this on her live broadcast for the CIA. It reminded me of these Aries factors  A baby doesn’t want what it doesn’t need. That is a very important point to remember.  

Is what I want what I need? That is the BURNING QUESTION, quite literally.

VENUS is all about fulfilling desires on the emotional, creative, romantic and sexual level. Venus is the Queen Bee, she is the sweetness, the honey in the hive which no one can resist.She is super inflamed in her connection with the SUN.

Focus on your ability to connect with VENUS as the cosmic feminine receptive force which attracts whatever it desires.  Traditionally you would use talismans or images to help connect with a planet’s energy. Here’s one for you. This is the perfect image for the VENUS-SUN conjunction in ARIES. Don’t you think so? I love this image. It’s also a Tarot Card Major Arcana The Lovers #6 in the works. Art work is copyright of the artist.

Prints available starting at only $188 on canvas.…/Painting-Th…/14565/1489887/view

Enjoy the power of this connection. Venus is BOTH the EVENING STAR Phosphorus and the MORNING STAR Lucifer, the Light Bringer a very rare occurrence. An astronomer explains this phenomena.

Use it wisely. Venus will continue in its 5 pointed star formation. Next stop  Jan 9/10 2018 with the SUN VENUS and PLUTO in Conjunction.  WOW!

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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