Spiritual revolution and technicolor dreams

PIsces Tara Greene astrology

PISCES by JAKE Baddeley painting

The Moon is in PISCES, the last sign of the Zodiac we are ending a monthly cycle. The New Moon is in ARIES March 27/28.

How did the SUN-VENUS conjunction feel to you?

The amazing thing is that VENUS has not disappeared as she normally does, she is high in declination and is still visible. This is a symbol that she is going into her journey into the Underworld but is revealing something new. There is strong MAYA energy, Maya means illusion. Venus is veiled and mysterious but not invisible. 

The Moon in Pisces gave me very powerful dreams last night. Did you have some too?

Pay attention to your dreams when you wake up on Sunday and also incubate dreams before you go to sleep at night. Pay attention on Monday morning as well.

The day before New Moon and the Pisces moon is very active.

The most important aspect of the day is the MERCURY URANUS ERIS conjunction

Mercury Uranus Eris astrology Tara greene

Our minds will be filled with new ideas, radical inspiration, spiritual, imaginative, higher consciousness and wild way out there thoughts. This is a very energetic aspect. Use it well. Uranus and new child on the block ERIS is a rather unkown energy. Explore the idea of the outsider, the uninvited one, what power does SHE have? We havent seen a female oustider energy brought into the main planets before. ERIS is surely the leader of the new Feminist Warrior Priestess energy.  Use Eris and Uranus with Mercury to bring in new revolutonary wisdom to help us uplevel higher states of consciousness. 


PISCES Moon sextiles Mars and later PLUTO

This makes for powerful SCORPIO bedfellows. Sexual energy may be aroused, also power and control issues. 

Moon conjuncts NEPTUNE in the wee hours –

yes expect LUCID and technicolor dreams.

PISCES Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in LIBRA

This is not the best time to try to invite the alcoholic or dysfunctional family members over for Sunday brunch, tea or dinner.  Yes, it’s best to skip any social interactions unless you really want to be the martyr or scapegoat.  I dare to suggest that you don’t go to church on Sunday unless you really want to identify with Jesus.  Watch your alcohol or drugs or prescription meds of all kinds under this type of energy as your judgement is cloudy.

Last but not least Moon conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES in PDT/March 27, EDT/GMT

This aspect may make us cry for the wounds, injures and indignities of the world at large. This is an empathic moon, the most sensitive of all the water signs. Empaths like me and others feel the pains of everyone especially under a Pisces moon.  Let yourself cry, if you are feeling submerged pain bein released. A lot of relationships are breakig up under the Venus retrograde. Take a good long soak in the tub as a spiritual cleanse is recommended.

It is a good day for writing ,sad poetry, singing sad songs, the blues, or chanting mantras, meditating, visualizing, dancing, or making art. Also doing charity work, Pisces loves to help others. 

Get ready for the New Moon I’ll write about it tomorrow. It Will be very powerful as VENUS is conjunct the SUN and MOON. 

Please share widely. Your feedback is very much welcomed. 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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