March 23- weekend Astrology preview

March 23
AQUARIUS MOON sextiles the SUN and VENUS  in ARIES.
AQUARIUS, freedom, Tara Greene astrology
The mood is radical, rebellious and instigating new chaos into our lives. Our minds and hearts are electrified and freed up. We want to move past the limits in relationships, in making money and in anything that dulls our shine.
Stay grounded and focused on your goals. Push meets shove. It’s a good day for bodywork, massages, doing physical work, dancing or singing for working off any anger caused by, you know, all the events in the world.
MERCURY squares PLUTO, a CARDINAL SQUARE 5:45 pm PDT/ 8:45 pm EDT
Mercury Retrograde Tara Greene astrology spiritual
  Mercury is the message, the medium, consciousness, our minds,   thinking, and communications. Known as The Trickster, and the  God of merchants and thieves.
Mercury in ARIES  speaks without thinking. Words spontaneously rush out. Be careful to try to hold back your words because you might say things to hurt others and ruin your case.
Mercury in Aries is bringing in new ideas, insights, independent thinking and radical ideas.
Make your voice heard against these PLUTOCRATS.  The dark side of PLUTO in CAPRICORN is exactly what we are seeing in the U.S. now, a Plutocratic rather Nazi-like control. A take over by the old boys club, the Patriarchs, trying to take away any Feminine nurturing Cancer {the opposite sign} social benefits, and women’s rights. 
Mercury will opppose JUPITER in LIBRA on the 24th and conjunct URANUS and ERIS on the 26th PDT., EDT, GMT.
Relationships are rocking and rolling, especially with Venus Retrograde conjunct the SUN at this time too. Diplomacy will be hard to come by. Explosive anger will be spilling out.
Major Danger of terrorist attacks, explosions, volcanic eruptions, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like. Chaos is on the menu and Radical change is in the air.
We have become accustomed to these Cardinal Crosses.  They keep pressuring us to change our thinking, to wake up! To think independently, to alter the way we communicate.
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