Wonder Woman, Venus Retrograde speaks

We had a lovely Equinox Ceremony and the energy felt very fluid. We planted many seeds and as always we send blessings to the world and all the children.

Solar Ingress into ARIES has us all fired up. Yesterdays EQUINOX CHART with zero degrees ARIES Ascendant as a guide for the next three months to a year.  Has:

SAGITTARIUS Moon conjunct SATURN at the Galactic Center. This is a call to our unconscious intuitive bodies to rise up to the truth, for justice, for inspiration, optimism, and higher spiritual laws. 

MOON advances to Zero degrees CAPRICORN the other zero point in a zero degrees Aries ascendant. 

This represents emotional resistance from the Corporate sector but a new earthier more grounded outlook.


Our progress will be slow and steady, Taurus like, 


This is more CARDINAL CRUNCH Cereal, we’re used to digesting this, aren’t we?

Mercury is @13 ARIES where VENUS turned RETROGRADE! Activating that turning point from March 4th. 


The next three moths at least until summer are going to be revision, release, repeal, rescind, redo, relegate, review, retreat, recap, reveal.  

Don’t expect to move forwards much and you will feel less pain and angst.  

Yes and lots of re-evaluating situations, lovers, friends, money,career, women, what luxury is. 

VENUS is RETROGRADING back from her independent Amazon Warrior status as


Wonder Woman, Venus Astrology Tara Greene

Venus as Wonder Woman

in ARIES to Watery mermaid, Venus in PISCES.  The fire and water don’t mix.  We will have to be “PATIENT” a word that does not exist in Aries vocab. 

VENUS re-enters ARIES April 28.That’s a month and a bit away and a whole emotional universe away from now.

Just SNAIL IT and SLOTH IT for the next few months. 

LILITH in SAGITTARIUS squares North and South Nodes and TRINES VENUS in ARIES

Lilith,Mars, Vesta Grand Trine Astrology Tara Greene

Lilith by Reecca Yanoskaya

Lilith’s @ 3 degrees SAGITTARIUS, Venus is at 7 degrees ARIES

Check out where Lilith and Venus are is in your natal chart.

Women will be on warpath, fiercely fighting back all this repressive anti woman anti-abortion, anti- rights even stronger. In Texas a bunch of women dressed in red “Handmaiden’s Tale” cloaks to protest anti-abortion lawa being put forth allowing doctor’s to lie to their patients about birth defects in foetuses which would result in abortions. They want women and families to have children that are damaged and a drain on the state forwever? 

VENUS Retrograde remembers her POWER. She remembers when the GODDESS was the one source of all that is She is the birth giver, the natural one to worship. Have you ever seen a young baby nursing at its mothers’ breast gaze into its mom’s face? That is a human witnessing the Goddess. She is real, warm, she feed us, nurtures us, comes when we cry, makes us feel safe. We come from within her, we know every cell of Her, we heard her heartbeat from the beginning of our own existence. Every human who has ever lived has experienced the Goddess! She is known as VENUS.
As the planet VENUS, known as Goddess of Love, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Light bringer, Dawn star, Retrogrades back from Aries to PISCES April 2nd we will collectively be flushed with Her waters of remembrance.
Pisces is the most spiritual of all signs, it is the collective repository of all the Unconscious memories. It is easier to tune in now and hear the Goddess speak directly to you. She is speaking louder to me by the moment. Tune in now and open your heart and your womb and listen. Be the hOly Grail. Allow the love blood of the Goddess to fill you. The Divine Feminine grows stronger every moment. She is calling every one of her children to recall, reawaken, Be the Love.
Gotta go love  you all.
please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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