Inconvenient love, Scorpio Moon, Venus Retro

Scorpio MOON inconjuncts VENUS today with VENUS RETROGRADE

A mindfulness warning is due. As if Venus retrograde weren’t inconvenient enough. This may start a huge tug of war as Venus in ARIES is a fiery AMAZON warrioress herself and she won’t take being manipulated or power punched.  The Mood is always intense under a Scorpio Moon.
Especially to all of you TAURUS and LIBRA’s out there. Do be extra careful as your head Goddess planet VENUS wants you to slow down and join her Retrograde relaxed, reflective energies and she will do so by whatever means she needs.
TAURUS, your vulnerability is your body itself, but especially your throat and thyroid. Take more iodine during this retrograde.
LIBRA be careful of your kidneys, skin, lumbar region and your backside.You may get a kick in the ass socially during this time period.
Be proactive and rest, don’t force yourself when your gut instincts tell you to stop. Same goes for your social life.
Be proactive, Slow down, rest reflect and the planets don’t have to kick your butt.


Scorpio Moon trines Neptune artist Napoleon Brousseau

“Life Tools” Augmented Reality digital photograph on Aluminum 

by Napoleon Brousseau-Angell Gallery Toronto.

  http://Life Tools POwer Objects://

Scorpio Moon trines NEPTUNE in PISCES in the morning March 16
Take a deep dive into the depths of the creative waters of the spiritual through the Unconscious.

 This is a good energy to be in water in a long, cleansing bath or shower or by a body of water if you can.  Meditate by the water. Use this energy to ask your psyche what it is you really need to dive into. Just become an open channel. Ask the Universe to pour through you. Be the vessel. 

You may be feeling dreamily sexually aroused all day. Your dreams may also be intensely sexual tonight. Progam your dreams to be LUCID tonight. 

This is an excellent aspect for all types of creativity, art, music, singing, dancing, meditating, visualization. 

This can be returns of old lovers during this Venus Retro time. You may feel old feelings of grief, loss, sadness, melancholy or anger coming up under this Scorpio Moon. This is a good time to let all of those old feelings surface and cry yourself a river.  It’s very healing.

Scorpio Moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN

The two planetary rulers of SCORPIO are having a mutual adoration moment tonight in PDT. Early morning in EDT and GMT. 

Scorpio’s may be having an easy relaxed time to plan their big power take-over schemes. 

There are heavy energies going on as the build up of the Uranus ERIS conjunction occurs on the 16/17th.

Use this energy for some deep intensive dreaming. Do program yourself before you sleep to be awake in your dreams. My dreams have been very intense anyways these days. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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More of Napoleon Brousseau’s art


2 thoughts on “Inconvenient love, Scorpio Moon, Venus Retro

  1. Special dance of alchemy sextile meditation or sedona S Yoga you thought us to reach through tantric ritual something whatever they call this practice words like clothes polotics and stations in life are not relevant only the enlightment through empowering self actualization matter the release and waves of euphoric gratifucation not the goal rather enjoying the journey not the destinations time ‘become


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