Bad signs and how to use your magical will

March 11.

This is a day of bad cosmic omens and sign from the stars. But it’s OK. There’s help. 

Virgo moon is inconjunct to VENUS RETROGRADE in ARIES

This is a bad sign. The Moon governs our moods and feelings. This is Not a good day to go on dates, shopping, or starting anything new. It would be better to stay home and do some early spring cleaning. 


This is a VERY bad sign. The Sun in PISCES is benevolent flowy, dreamy, inspirational, sees the beautiful spiritual source of everything. JUPITER rules PISCES and is inspirational and optimistic and symbolize faith and trust. To have these two powerful cosmic bodies out of alignment with each other indicates a very rough day for relationships. Disappointment alert. This energy extends into the FULL VIRGO SAP Moon on the 12th. I’m still getting to that.  These omens bode ill. 

Virgo Moon opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is the last major aspect of the day. The very realistic down to earth practical moon stands against everything that is PISCES. This is one of the hallmarks of tomorrow’s Full Moon. Reality versus the dream. 

NEPTUNE also rules the Sign of PISCES 

Neptune has the better aspect here. An opposition is something we can see and work with. Those inconjuncts are things we can’t quite grasp.

 A divination card to help guide you.


5 of discls Tarot Tara Greene


This is one of the nicer images of the 5 of coins disks or pentacles. Usually this is a card of poverty, strife, loneliness, loss, disappointment, challenges and regret. All of the number fives in the tarot show blockage and struggle. They are in the middle of the circuit of numbers from 1-10, they are choked and pivotal.

The earth element is featured and this is totally in synch with the VIRGO MOON.This card represents MERCURY in the 1st decan of TAURUS. 

Our thoughts create our reality.

If you have thoughts of fear, loss and, poverty, then we are going to attract exactly what we fear.  The Virgo Moon influence shining on this card points out the problems with perfectionism, which always will feel less than perfect, and will compensate by trying to work harder and harder and never attain that goal. The card is most certainly pointing out the difficult energies in the stars and planets today.


Mercury in TAURUS positively expressed is all about using your magical will, your solar plexus, symbol of the SUN, and your heart together. Clear your mind to gain clarity and gain a single pointed steadfast focus in connection with your body and gut instincts to create what your higher self desires.  Just like the #5 in the TAROT MAJORS, the POPE or HIGH PRIEST symbolizes this very image.  

When times get tough and your down and out, you need to connect to your Holy Guardian Angel. 

Don’t get flummoxed. I love that word.  Plus it has TAURUS in it. 

Here’s your mantra.

” I use my magical will and heart in alignment with the Source of all Light to manifest the most positive earthly wealth as a mirror of spirit.”  Repeat 3 x’s.

Remember that all things pass. 

Please share widely, Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think and how this works for you. I need to know other wise I am just shooting my arrows out into the universe and never really knowing. 

All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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