How to Rise like a Phoenix on a Grand Fire Trine plus

March 10

The Moon has alaready sextiled Jupiter in LLIBRA in EST and GMT EARLIER TODAY.

Leo MOON creates a GRAND FIRE TRINE with planets URANUS and SATURN today, before the Moon settles down into grounded VIRGO @ 2:07 pm PST/ 5:07 pm EST/9:07 pm GMT.

Grand Fire Trine Astrology Tara Greene

This combo of the two planets with fiery Leo Moon breaks down like this. Saturn rules hardcore reality, history, conservatism and the Revolutionary planet Uranus’s energy to blow up those old fashioned stale, resistant ways is high combustive.

The MOON goes VOID OF COURSE at 9:06 am PST/ 12:06 pm EST/ 5:06 pm GMT.

Enter the FIRE VOID 

Use this time well to burn off any stale, outworn, old habits.

The energies have been feeling very intense, I have been feeling it and people I know have been feeling it too.  We are approaching the VIRGO FULL MOON on the 12th.  A Leo Moon is heart filled and willful.

1.Do some energetic dancing. Anything that gets you hopping quickly and your heart beat up is good. Dancing simply loosens everything up and is fun.

2. After your heart rate is up sit down cross-legged if you can. This recreates the Trine energy in your body. Fell the energetics of the trine. the positive energy which this aspect is. 

3. Breathe into your root chakra. The base, or Muladhara chakra. This is red, like fire. It is the safety grounded chakra. Breathe into it and visualize a red fire blazing.  Feel the warmth spreading. Breathe naturally and deeply. pause between the inhale and exhale.

4. After you feel the root chakra has opened. Breathe this heat up into the 2nd chakra and feel it open it is orange in color it is the sexual chakra, where the womb is in women. Men have a spirit womb. And then breath up into the 3rd. The 3rd chakra is the one LEO governs. It is the will, also called the hara, it is at the navel or just below. Symbolized by the SUN which rules LEO. It is bright yellow, vital, light source itself. Visualize a golden lit up ball or stream of light. Shamans call this the umbilicus for the soul. This is where one sends one spiritual will out into the world. feel yourself filled with glowing light and radiance. 

5. Breathe up into your 4th chakra which is your heart. It is emerald green traditionally. Some people see it wit a bit of rose pink. Expand your heart chakra. Leo rules the heart. Breathe into your heart you can visualize your heart and its 4 chambers as well. Feel your heart take a deep sigh of relief. This is the LOVE center. The Tibetan Buddhists call it your brain. Shamans refer to the heart as the center of all functions. Leo governs the heart. 

6. With these three chakras open 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, send your intention to open all the chakras. The energy you have connected with and opened should ignite the others. Go back and open the 2nd then the 5th 6th and 7th crown chakras. Feel how good you feel. open, on fire. ALIVE. 

7. Send all the love and light you have ignited within out into the world. 

As the MOON enters VIRGO the fire will burn down into hot coals. charcoal. 

the MOON Then makes and EARTH trine with MARS in TAURUS 

ground the fire into yoru body. We are made up of all the elements. 

Lastly Mercury conjuncts Chiron in PISCES

this is a very good healing energy. Pay attention to your feet. Pisces govers the feet. I will write more about this for the Full Moon article later tonight.Mercury in PIsces allows us to communicate from the spiritual realms more easily. 

We have experience all the elementals today. The weekend is very VIRGO. A good time to take care of practical details, pay attention to your diet and get your taxes done. 

Let me know how this exercise feels to you.


Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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