Astrology healing for old emotional wounds

March 7 Oh so much water. I’m feeling that heavy emotional intensity are you?  A lot of old emotional sewage and unprocessed material is coming up from the depths. Pisces governs the unconscious, so what has been repressed is coming out into the light of day where we can see it. These shadows appear to be nasty, violent defensive and angry because they are wounded parts of ourselves.  These can be old emotions which are present and also past life karmic patterns coming up. I am feeling this energy strongly myself. It feels difficult, we can be feeling angry, projecting our own issues onto others, we can be feeling self-destructive and helpless. Allow these emotions to express themselves safely. You are not those emotions you are watching them appear to inform you of what still needs your attention. A wounded inner child, feelings of shame. Ancient, ancient patterns of rejection. 

Under a nurturing but very emotional Cancer Moon there is:

Water trine from Cancer Moon to Neptune Sun and Mercury and Chiron in Pisces

water trine astrology Tara Greene

Then there are the CARDINAL CRISES with Moon squaring VENUS RETRO in ARIES, opposing PLUTO in Capricorn squaring  Jupiter in LIBRA and URANUS in ARIES. 

grid tara greene

flower grid 


The mercurial trickster in PISCES whispers sweetly into PLUTO’s Corporate ears in PST

March 8 in EST/GMT 

Listen to the whispers of your soul.. it will speak very subtly as will your guardian angels. Just be silent, stop the mind chatter listen. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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