Friday, Goddess Frigg, origin of the F word

Friday, they used to say TGIF which means thank Goddess it’s Friday. Vendredi in French. This day honors and is sacred to the goddess and the planet VENUS, Goddess of LOVE, beauty, relaionships and all things Feminine. 
Venus is known by many names but in English she is associated with the Nordic/Germanic Freya or Frigg in Nordic mythology/spirituality. Frigg’s day = Friday.  Her name, Proto-Germanic “Frija” which means FREE.
Old English “Friga”. Old Norse “Frigg”. Proto-Indo-European (PIE) “Priy-a” or Frida as in Frida Kahlo, name destiny there. 
Freya, Frigg, Venus, Friday, The F word, Tara Greene
“Freyja and the Necklace” by James Doyle Penrose (1890)
Eating fish on Friday’s, which Catholics borrowed from ancient, ancient customs is to venerate Venus, born from the sea, and women’s vagina’s smell like the sea. Venus is exalted in PISCES. Catholics are eating the Goddess by eating fish, a very sexual metaphor. Christ is associated with the AGE OF PISCES which is a feminine water sign. 
Her name, Proto-Germanic “Frija” which means FREE.
— Old English Friga”
— Old Norse “Frigg”
— Proto-Indo-European (PIE) “Priy-a” or Frida, Frida etc. 
Freya or Frigg Freya is famous for many things. Firstly is her fondness of love, sexuality, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions. “Frigg,” meanwhile, comes from an ancient root that means “beloved.” Frigg’s name links her to love and desire, same as Venus, precisely the areas of life over which Freya presides over or more precisely “within which Freya manifests herself”.  
The origin of the word FUCK
I love etymology. The Goddess Frigg, is a very sexual Goddess, like Venus. In one of the poems from The Edda’s for example, Loki accuses Freya (probably accurately) of having slept with all of the gods and elves, including her brother and even a slave in one report. 
The word Friggin’ is an old English word for sexual intercourse, obviously comes from the Goddess. This word friggin developed into Fuck.  “As euphemism for “to fuck” it dates from 1680s, earlier as “to masturbate”(1670s).” from a Thesaurus. 
Freya is the archetype of the völva, a shamaness or shamanka, a professional practitioner of seidr, the most organized form of Norse magic. It was she who first brought these magical arts to the gods and to humans too. She uses falcon feathers to transform herself into this fierce sharp-eyed bird of prey.  She also possesses a special necklace and used a sacred hallucinogenic wine or liquor which she used to prophesy with.  Frigg knows the destiny of all beings, implying that she also has the power to alter them if she so chooses. Frigg’s weaving activities are likely an allusion to this role as well as Goddesses were considered to be the weavers of fate.
The word volva also echoes vulva, another echo of the sexuality of the Goddess she probably was a tantric priestess. 
She was married to Odin. And the tales tell that when he is away she can be found weeping tears of red gold over his absence. Freya presides over the afterlife she chooses half of the warriors slain in battle to dwell there.
She could control and manipulate desire, wealth, and health. Frigg is a being whose knowledge, beauty and power are unequaled. 
In one of many hypnosis sessions I had, years ago in Sedona in 1988. I had a very clear past life memory of being a Norse man who was in a battle on one of those beautiful Viking ships with the striped sails. I was killed in battle by a sword. I had always been drawn to those Viking ships and had drawn a pictire of one when I was in  Grade 3, I remember that so clearly.
One of the ways to connect with past lives is to think about the cultures, symbols or places on the earth that you are attracted to. These are usually past life memories. I have had many past life memories being male and female in man cultures in the world. Egypt, Druid, English, French, Atlantic, Crete, Arabic, Chinese, Jewish, Native American, Tibetan, African, and probably more.  Do you remember your past lives? 
More about Nordic Mythology
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. I have borrowed from the link above about nordic mythology to write this article. 
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Mercury in Taurus, bully up

A Taurus Moon makes an easy sextile to Chiron in PISCES in the wee hours

Your dreams may be very sensuous and also feelings of vulnerability.

Taurus Moon inconjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius early in the a.m.

Incompatibility between our physical wants needs desires and implacable resistance to Sagittarius desire for freedom, travel, and adventure.  

MOON ENTERS GEMINI @ 9:40 am PDT/ 12:40 am EDT/ 4:40 pm GMT

GEMINI by Dali, astrology Tara Greene

GEMINI by Salvador DALI

The weekend until mid-Sunday is GEMINI owned. The mood is flirty, high energy, with much flitting around like social butterflies from one activity to another. Lots of chit chat, it’s good for light socializing.  Have a party or invite friends over. It is ore difficult to make up one’s mind under a GEMINI moon.

MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS  March 31 and then turns RETROGRADE April 9/10

Taurus, Mercury Tara Greene astrology

Mercury Retrogrades back into ARIES April 20, turns Direct May 3 at 24+ ARIES

Where MERCURY is, that’s where our communications emanate from.  Taurus rules the throat chakra. That is our power center. Focus on your throat chakra while Mercury is in TAURUS. It is good to sound, tone or have sound baths for healing. Chanting spiritual mantras is also recommended with Mercury in TAURUS. 

Mercury in TAURUS

Is very stubborn. It will be harder to convince someone to change their minds with Mercury in Taurus. Of course, Mercury in Taurus wants solid blue-chip things, beautiful art, jewelry, money, real estate, flowers, and nature.

Mercury in Taurus is a very sensuous, earthy and we think of our bodily needs first. We communicate through our gut instincts. Smell the roses, lumber along, our minds and our words slow down. Get or give massages. 

Taurus is sensuous and creative. Get into your gardening, slather on the cream, give and receive messages. This is hands on DIY time, make stuff, buy handmade quality things on ETSY. Taurus is ruled by Venus who is now RETROGRADE. We may be feeling very sentimental. Old friends and lovers will show up. You will also feel like contacting people from your past.

People born with Mercury in Taurus are charming, have good speaking voices, are very attractive. You know some peeps with this?


Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Russel Crowe, Jack Nicholson, Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, Bono, David Beckham, Collin Farrell, Salvador Dali, Pierce Brosnan, Trent Reznor, Sigmund Freud, Krishnamurti, 

LADIES:  Uma Thurman, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Clarkson,  Cher, Sarah Michelle Geller. 

Use this time with Mercury in Taurus to think more concretely. We have had a lot of ARIES enegry lately so this is good.  VENUS will enters re-enter PISCES  April 2.  We will be feeling spiritual compassionate, very psychic and need to have boundaries. This is a time of forgiveness and letting go of the past. This is a nice feminine element balance of water and earth.

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Taurus Energy from the great director Fellini, Satyricon 1969

Make love not war, Jupiter square Pluto

THE BIG ASS ASPECT is JUPITER square PLUTO today ARCH 30 11:19 a.m. PDT/2:19 pm EDT/ 6:19 pm GMT. 

REBALANCING THE POWER is what this is all about. 

This specific aspect can only happen every 3 years as Jupiter takes 12 years to transit the entire zodiac signs.  At 19+ degrees LIBRA/ CAPRICORN this is more long-term CARDINAL CROSS energy that we have experienced since 2012. Wait till APRIL there is even more of the same! Fasten your cosmic space belts.

If you have planets within 5 degrees before or after, 14-24 degrees LIBRA CAPRICORN and ARIES, LIBRA you are in the cross-hairs. 

JUPITER rules Truth, justice, optimism, as the ruler of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES traditionally. In LIBRA, this is the sign of PEACE.

John Lennon Yoko ONo- astrology Tara greene

John Lennon (1940 – 1980) and Yoko Ono pose on the steps of the Apple building in London, holding one of the posters that they distributed to the world’s major cities as part of a peace campaign protesting against the Vietnam War. ‘War Is Over, If You Want It’. (Photo by Frank Barratt/Getty Images)

JUSTICE or KARMA itself, the very ancient Constellation/zodiac sign of LIBRA, the scales of Ma’at.

This is the TAROT TRUMP # 8 or 11 in the Tarot. 

Tarot card trump Justice # 11 / 8

11:11 Taror Trump card Justice

Jupiter is pressuring the media and the collective Unconscious which PLUTO symbolizes to come out with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

PLUTO, the great destroyer, the garbage man, the soul destroyer and resurrector, ruler of the PLUTOCRACY, the ultra-rich, 1% elite, and  sex, power, money, secrets are being outed now, is doing his best to bring down the PLUTOCRACY aided by a very unusual { URANIAN-ERIS} President of the U.S.  and BREXIT. Starting MArch 29. Right on time. Pluto is cleverly disguised as WIKILEAKS and Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. 

If you don’t believe PIZZAGATE you better. It is well known that these elites sell women, children and use them as slaves. The Democrats, Royalty, ‘respected people” are all parts of this. Whether you think they are Reptilians or just simply Republicans it doesn’t matter.  

The little people, we are just chattel, cattle, slaves, worker ants, and bees. We don’t count. But the people are waking up. JUPITER is THOR and ZEUS wielding thunderbolts and I would definitely start calling upon them to shoot those bolts at the Federal Reserve and the Bilderbergers and the Oligarchs. 

Jupiter in LIBRA is governed by VENUS who is RETROGRADE right now in ARIES, so stuff from the past is being brought to light right now. Issues in courts will be delayed. Pluto is governed by SATURN who is now at the GALACTIC CENTER getting his working orders from deep cosmic space. Saturn in SAGITTARIUS rules free speech, publications, education, the elderly, foreigners, the military, immigrants, traveling. You can see that all of these topics are pretty hot these days- Fake News, Trump refusing to talk to CNN, but Fox makes shit up too.

Saturn is the LAW, the FBI the CIA the TAX department. You can see it being played out by TRUMP and the CIA FBI and Justice department. 

There are huge power battles going on. The secret government, the corporate cabal did not want Trump as President. Trump as much as I don’t like his ultra-conservative views, Trump is an independent renegade and Not a Republican, and he would be shot already if not for Pence as his beard. No one wants Pence the Military ultra-right wing hater as President. 

The shit will get deeper and higher. The dark forces of the PLUTOCRACY will not give up their power easily. They have spies everywhere and are invested heavily in all levels.  When JUPITER enters SCORPIO OCTOBER 10 for the next year the real dirt, sex scandals, power, and control issues will be duking it out. PLUTO rules SCORPIO and the two will be sextiling each other. Remember that SATURN will also enter CAPRICORN at the end of this year. 

On a personal level, you need to be able to BRING balance into your own life and relationships.  While JUPITER is RETROGRADE review what needs to be balanced, what you need in relationships, how you want to speak your truth in the world.  While VENUS is RETROGRADEtill April 15 reconsider your love life, your feminine energy, yor money situation. How much do you need? 

Fasten your cosmic space belts as I said the week of APRIL 7-14th will be BAZINGA!

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March 29 Think like a star

Aries Moon speeds along conjunct to URANUS and MERCURY in the wee hours.

ALien Queens, Femmes from Venus

Venusians seeking Martians

A QUICK-WITTED, shoot your mouth off day. Whatever ideas come into your mind they will be scattershot, barrelling out of your mouth instantly. You may dream up a new invention, take a rocket to other galaxies, start your own revolution, and storm out on your own. Make sure you write it down when you awake.


Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, astrology Tara Greene

There will be an easy quick-witted and rather quirky sense of humor today.

Aim your arrows of truth higher. Be careful of being overly spontaneous and bursting into flames.  Be careful around guns, barbecue‘s, hazard materials, etc. Too much honesty no matter how off-handed, told as a joke, or well-intentioned, may still get your ass in trouble. Those who don’t tell the truth may get their pants on fire. LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! you know that one?

The moon is Void-of-course early in the day

MOON ENTERS Stable plodding sensuous TAURUS @ 8:48 am PDT/ 11:48 am EDT

Taurus 1st decan astrology Tara Greene

1st decan in TAURUS image {0-10 degrees}

The mood will be much more stolid and stable until the 31st under a Taurus moon. Taurus Moon slows our emotions down, we need to get grounded after all of this ARIES VENUS NEW MOON energy. We are also still in the 3rd days of DARK MOON. This is good grounding energy what with the JUPITER-PLUTO square March 30. You may feel like you’ve been slapped down into your body, There’s been an overdose of ARIES hot firey energy over the last few days. 

Taurus energy astrology Tara greene

While MARS is in TAURUS, March 9-April 22, our actions are more concerned with our physical stability and our bodily comforts. We don’t want to stress. All we want is to stubbornly enjoy this sensuous, physical world of beauty, count our money, protect our resources and smell the roses.  Remember to smell the roses.

Ferdinand the Bull 


This is a very nice energy for thinking about big vast cosmic ideas. SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is at the GALACTIC CENTER now. New ways of calling the Gods? SAGITTARIUS is the sign of the MASTER TEACHERS, the dwellers beyond.   Shoot the truth at whoever you think needs it. 

Native American teachings that i was given say that our thoughts are like arrows. You want to shoot positive arrows, or rainbow arrows, Thoughts which contain all of the chakras energies. This aspect is very much like the MOON in ARIES Trining SAGITTARIUS earlier today but definitive and even stronger.

See video below for more on this. 

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Seeing red, Retrograde alerts!

The Aries New Moon energy lasts 3 days Match 27-28 or before you see the first sliver of a waxing Crescent Moon. Stay in that still dark Void space over the next 3 days to gain wisdom and direction. It is a RED TENT time for the world.

Red Tent New Moon astrology Tara Greene


March 28 Speaking of RED, Tuesday is MARS Day, the RED planet.

The Aries Moon, ruled by Mars, is forming those CARDINAL crosses to Pluto, opposing Jupiter in LIBRA and conjunction Uranus. These produce tensions as we all know. Especially for those who have planets Angles at 13-28 degrees Cardinal signs.

The tension is building up to March 30th Jupiter-PLUTO square.

Should I stay or should I go? Is what leaped into my mind.  More on that later. This is another part of the long-term breakdown of communications, honesty, secrets and, power and control in Governments, about radiation, poisons, toxic garbage, and that which has outworn its use. 

RETROGRADE HEADS UP!Retrograde red alert astrology Tara Greene

Three planets turn RETROGRADE in APRIL 

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE April9/10 – May 3rd

Mercury Turns RETRO for the second time this year, @ 4+ degrees TAURUS. April 10 is also a FULL MOON in LIBRA. Mercury has been in its “shadow zone” which is the degrees that the planet retrogrades between since March 16th. If you are feeling communication snafu’s already this is why. Mercury goes back into ARIES April 20th, driving backward looking into a rear-view mirror and turning Direct @ 24+ degrees ARIES squaring URANUS and ERIS! It will take MERCURY until May 20/21 to be able to move ahead again.

SATURN turns RETROGRADE APRIL 5 @ 27+ degrees SAGITTARIUS until August 25th

Red alert Georgia O'Keefe artist Tara Greene

Saturn spends about 5 months retrograde every year.  Moving back from his conjunction to the GALACTIC CENTER, the source of the mother’s milk, the milk which spurted from the greek Goddess Hera’s breasts which flew across the skies. While Saturn is Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS we will see the issues affected by Saturn in Sag. get reviewed.

On a personal level you can go back and finish any task which takes patience, persistence, determination, hard-work and which has long-lasting effects on career, education, traveling, publishing, teaching, religion, seniors rights or testifying. Saturn Retrogrades back to 21+ Sagittarius. and leaves SAGITTARIUS on December 19th near the WINTER SOLSTICE in Northern Hemisphere, Summer SOLSTICE down under. 

NOTE THIS DATE: SATURN leaves SAGITTARIUS officially for the next 28-29 years and will remain in Capricorn until 2020. 

PLUTO TURNS Retrograde April 20 -SEPTEMBER 28

Pluto goes home to his home in the underworld for 5 months every year.  While Pluto is Retro everything that this planet, which I believe will be renamed as a Planet turns back to re-obsess about, sex, money, power. On the global level issues about big banks and government, nuclear energy, Plutocrats, control, and secrets turns back on itself.  We will be reviewing, reversing, reimplementingand renewing our personal soul searching power points, and redressing issues around the misuse of power in the outside world. 

APRIL has  5 RETROGRADE planets, Jupiter and VENUS are already RETRO.

VENUS turns DIRECT in PISCES on APRIL 15 @ 26+ Pisces. 

Expect things to be turtle paced in: the love, money, expansion,

MERCURY RETRO: Taurus-Aries:  communications, analysis, computers, thinking, material assets, real estate, the stock market. 

VENUS RETRO: Aries-Pisces: love, money, relationships, creativity, women in general, weddings, interior design, fashion and beauty, spirituality, dreams, intuition, artists.

JUPITER RETRO: in Libra: relationships, justice, communications, peace, travel, social life, marriages, legal,system, beauty, women.

SATURN RETRO: SAGITTARIUS: Repealing of laws, judges, education system, politics, religion, foreigners, immigrants, travel, publishing, truth, honesty, open spaces, humor, fathers, elderly, pensioners, philosophers, Patriarchs. 

PLUTO RETRO: CAPRICORN: Re-examination of politics, Plutocrats, those in power, super wealthy, secrets revealed. power manipulators, the 1%, career instability, job losses, leaving existing structures behind. On a personal level re-examining your souls’ desires. 

Use these RED LETTER dates well.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Aries New Moon, Lilith Trine Venus

March 27 The New Moon in ARIES is very VENUSIAN for a MARS ruled sign.

Aries New Moon Tara Greene astrology

Dream caused by the flight of a bee (1944) DALI

The first sign of the Zodiac marks a new cycle, a new beginning, starting now on thisDark Moon with VENUS RETROGRADE conjunct the SUN. Venus is NOT going totally underworld right now she is too high in declination. She is both morning and evening star now. We need to think on that.

LILITH the Dark Goddess in SAGITTARIUS trining Retro Venus in ARIES. 

Lilith governs all New or Dark moons and this brings an especially powerful element for all women to utilize Lilith’s KALI-like uncompromising energies. What isn’t loving towards a woman must go. No ifs and’s or buts about it. 

LILITH also squares the NORTH Node in VIRGO and the SOUTH NODE in PISCES

The fates are working their triple Goddess energies here in the realms of us mere mortals. Lilith to the North Node in VIRGO about getting practical, humble and taking back our food supllies, our need for our work to also serve us and others, and to take care of the environment, stay grounded, get real. What is your work serving? At NEW MOON in ARIES this is a new beginning a reset button. START from GO. Go back to the beginning of you need to.

The powerful JUPITER PLUTO Square is approaching

IT’s Exact on March 30th. This is a big power play. Good luck trying to find some peace harmony and balance. Pluto in CAPRICORN is the Plutocrats running governments and corporations.  Justice, legal issues, equal rights are all major issues in our minds these days as symbolized by these planets. Trump is showing us the dark side of Pluto. Try to stay balanced within yourself. Of course this aspect also brings in the URANUS-ERIS conjunction too. CHAOS is the new norm.  IF you have planets at these CARDINAL 15-25 degrees you are being personally affected. 


Saturn at the Galactic center is transmitting higher consciousness and the ability to go into the void and become nothing. This is the goal of Tibetan Buddhism. You are NOT your wounds. Your wounds are very real,and the sins of the fathers need to be addressed in the larger scale of a crazy society and Patriarchal culture run amok. 

SATURN trine URANUS-ERIS also helps us to see a much bigger picture and a higher consciousness. At the same time, Saturn makes sure we feel the 3rd Dimensional heavy, leaden, weight of our earthly plane karma. In PISCES we are at the last sign. It is time for us to clean up our personal messes.  Chiron will leave Pisces to start his journey in ARIES on April 17, 2018.

CHIRON In PISCES is the last and most spiritual sign. It is the sign of endings, forgiveness, compassion, meditation, yoga, institutions, mental health, dreams, drugs,self-undoing, and merging with source. Chiron will leave Pisces to start his journey in ARIES on April, 2018 but he will retro back and forth for awhile and will be finally in Aries from Feb 18, 2019- with a brief jog into Taurus in 2026, but finally leaves ARIES on April 14, 2027. We want to make sure we really use CHIRON’s placement in PISCES now to clear all of our old psychic, emotional, karmic and past life issues.  It’ll be another 50 years before Chiron is in Pisces again.

VENUS RETRO will help us to do this. Make a safe sacred space or alter to do this work in. It would be a good time to make a list of all the lovers you have had. Think about which ones actually and really loved you. The ones who did not, or who abused you, emotionally, sexually, mentally or spiritually, think of and write down their names. Maybe you don’t know their names its ok. Write down a memory trigger of the incident. Bring up the emotions while sitting in your safe container. Let all the feelings, whether its rage anger, jealousy, revenge, sorrow, hatred, and love come up but do contain these emotions. Have a bowl and matches and water nearby. When you feel ready, say out loud, or in your heart, whatever words you have to say to release these people into their own space and you into yours. Do this from as neutral emotional space as you can. I know this part may be hard. Take the name written on the paper and burn it in the fire. As you see their name and energy burn, know that this person’s connection to you is being transmuted. Wish them no harm. Wish them to find their light. You don’t have to force feelings of forgiveness. Do this for each person. This may lead to bringing up more emotions and deeper layers but now is the best time to clear through these old emotions. 


It’s easy to ground our dreams  our faith and our hopes under this aspect. Mars in Taurus rules the sign of ARIES, and he is keeping it real. Mars in Taurus wants stability, reliability, and is stabilizing the usually very spontaneous Arian energies. 

Venus and MARS are in mutual reception. The Feminine and the Masculine are exchanging their energies. The Feminine is more driven, more confident, more independent in Aries. The old system of rulerships said that Venus is in detriment when in Aries, which is Mars sign. There is a sexism to that. Mars is vice versa in VENUS’s sign. The Masculine is learning to be more feminine, more stable, trustworthy, sensuous, the counterpart of the Goddess. In Ancient Crete bare-breasted,wasp-waisted, corset-wearing women with long braids road the bulls which they worshipped.  That was inthe AGE of TAURUS. 

Taurus Bull leaping Knossos Crete Tara Greene

This New Moon is a moon of passion, new loves and new drives. We are still in extraordinary tense times. Think about where you want to be a year from now. There will be 13 moons to live through. Start a journal to mark each New Moon and to sit in ceremony at each one. Always give thanks for future blessings already on the way though maybe unseen.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Law of Attraction, Venus as day and night star

Venus conjunct the SUN is super powered ATTRACTION.

The Lovers,Venus-Sun Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

Oil painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2011.

72 x 48 x1 inch. Shown at Robert Kananaj Gallery 2012, Toronto “Eidolons.”

VENUS is the great Attractor, her charms are her natural Goddess Feminine forms of beauty. Are you feeling the love? 

If you were born near or between any of these dates you are also experiencing a Venus Synodic cycle RETURN

April 24th 1937- Nov. 26, 1938

April 22nd 1945 to Nov. 24, 1946,

April 20th 1953-Nov. 21 1954

April 17th 1961-Nov. 19 1962

April 15th 1969- Nov. 16, 1970

April 13th 1977 to Nov. 14, 1978.

April 10th 1985- Nov. 11, 1986.

April 6th 1993-Nov. 9 1994.

April 5th 2001-Nov. 7, 2002. 

April 3rd, 2009- Nov, 5 2010

If you were born within a week or two of these exact dates either before or after you may also be in a Venus Return as Venus is Retrograde during that time. 


Venus in Aries, like the sign of Aries itself, is proud, independent, head-strong, daring, bold, martial artists, hot-headed, impatient, fighters, competitive. Aries keywords are “I AM.” The first sign is where we take our first breath, where our life force manifests from spirit into the physical plane. Aries is at an infant stage. Aries can be immature but open to learning. Aries only knows that their own needs come first. A baby cries for food, to be changed, to be paid attention to. This is what the baby needs to stay alive. Its’ wants and needs are the same thing. Thanks to CIA Agent 27 Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess for speaking about this on her live broadcast for the CIA. It reminded me of these Aries factors  A baby doesn’t want what it doesn’t need. That is a very important point to remember.  

Is what I want what I need? That is the BURNING QUESTION, quite literally.

VENUS is all about fulfilling desires on the emotional, creative, romantic and sexual level. Venus is the Queen Bee, she is the sweetness, the honey in the hive which no one can resist.She is super inflamed in her connection with the SUN.

Focus on your ability to connect with VENUS as the cosmic feminine receptive force which attracts whatever it desires.  Traditionally you would use talismans or images to help connect with a planet’s energy. Here’s one for you. This is the perfect image for the VENUS-SUN conjunction in ARIES. Don’t you think so? I love this image. It’s also a Tarot Card Major Arcana The Lovers #6 in the works. Art work is copyright of the artist.

Prints available starting at only $188 on canvas.…/Painting-Th…/14565/1489887/view

Enjoy the power of this connection. Venus is BOTH the EVENING STAR Phosphorus and the MORNING STAR Lucifer, the Light Bringer a very rare occurrence. An astronomer explains this phenomena.

Use it wisely. Venus will continue in its 5 pointed star formation. Next stop  Jan 9/10 2018 with the SUN VENUS and PLUTO in Conjunction.  WOW!

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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