Mars energy on the move

This is MARS’ week to attack. The red planet is in full testosterone-fueled battle mode making aggressive square punches on his SCORPIO co-ruler Pluto today FEB. 22  at 18+ degrees ARIES/ CAPRICORN.  The urge to fight for freedom and to be quick to war and anger are equally strong. The shadows are out in the light fighting. The underlying message is of going to war for liberty and for total transformation of governments and the 1%  PLUTOCRACY.

Red Planet Mars


This is virtually Scorpio energies-extreme power and control issues; the War on Terrorism, on Immigrants, the right-wing backlash, Plutocracy, revenge, shadows, sex, S& M, money, terrorism, rape, deconstructions, death, rebirth, garbage, explosive, volcanic, radioactive energy. It is extremely volatile and you are notified to be on red alert for the next week.

If you have planets within 5 degrees of these two, 13-23 degrees and the other CARDINAL Signs of CANCER and LIBRA you will be the beneficiary of these super heated energies most strongly. This is a higher degree of the CARDINAL CROSSES from 2012-2015. 

You will feel this macho thrust internally as anger, headaches, explosive tempers, impatience, lashing out at others, defensiveness,  and refusing to be told what to do.  Watch your caffeine intake. 

You can also feel the raging anger coming at you like a battering ram, from the government, powers that be, men especially.  You should be careful to not get triggered yourself and of being the target of someone else’s anger. Your body may be reacting to this as feeling very tired or in hyper overactive overdrive.

ROAD RAGE will be high. Mob scenes, rapes and pillaging levels are very high. Chance of explosions, terrorist attacks, volcanoes, and fires breaking out. Could be bomb attacks on governments or any institutions. 

MARS will continue his red rage as he moves into battle alignments with revolutionary URANUS in ARIES on Eclipse day on Feb. 26 conjunction @ 22 + degrees on the Pisces New Moon. All is not so totally bucolic.

Feb. 27 MARS in ARIES conjuncts ERIS opposite JUPITER in LIBRA @ 22+ degrees 

Primal rage is seething in the world. Anger can be a productive thing. What is it you need to fight for the most?


Kali Goddess of death

Black Kali destroys the Ego

Women also have an inner masculine. All of this aggressive energy also empowers women to be warrioresses. Amazons, Fighting for their rights. This Year March 8 International Women’s day will be a women’s strike day in the U.S. and worldwide. This could be more effective than the Women’s Day March on Jan 21. Warrior Goddesses

Warrior Goddesses

EGYPTIAN: Sekhmet, Bast

GREECE: Athena, Enyo, Keres,

INDIAN HINDU: Chanunda, Durga, Kali

MESOPOTAMIA: Inanna, Astarte, Anat, Lilith

NORDIC: Freya, Valkyries

CELTIC: Annan, Macha, The Morrigan, Bridgit


Underneath the anger is always vulnerability and pain. The MASCULINE  has fought for 5,000 years to control the feminine.  The Divine Feminine warrior Goddesses are up for the fight. 

Anger is just an emotion it is energy. It is all about how you direct it. “I’m mad as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” Was the war cry from that famous movie cry from NETWORK 1976.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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3 thoughts on “Mars energy on the move

  1. Thank you Tara, as always for sharing your wisdom so generously. I am not “up for a fight” though, and I place my heart in allegiance with another aspect of the divine feminine that retains her nobility and generosity…feminism and fighting to me are just patriarchy in disguise. I am for saturating space and matter with nourishment and love given with an open hand. I imagine that if everyone was well fed and well bedded and nurtured and supported there would be no weapons, no marches, no grasping for “power”. Much love.


    • hi Cresta, nice to hear from you. The Feminine encapsulates all aspects of being. Light and Dark. Mothers are unconditionally loving and must also be strong and hold boundaries with their children. The Goddess has her birth bringing and death bringing aspects. That is simply the archetype and truth of nature and of life. The great Goddess DURGA is a warrior Goddess to slay demonic forces. She is the most powerful of all the Goddess. All children Love and fear their mother. They know they are helpless and dependent. That is what these archetypes are about. There were women warriors and yes that was a response to being threatened. by Patriarchal movement. The women had to fight Women can be strong too. MARS is passion, it is sexuality. It is being alive. If you don’t feel Mars energy then you are totally passive. Women need to express the full range of their own desires. Anger and having boundaries, are very important in all relationships. Women fight amongst each other too. It’s part of human nature we express a full range. Too much yin is imbalanced. In Chinese medicine there is need for fire, Mars, heat. It’s all about the balance. The word power itself has an entire range of meanng. The power to express your love, the power to create.
      Women in traditional indigenous cultures are the ones responsible for saying if wars would be fought against imposing tribes. Yes in the ideal matriarchal worlds when everyone could be well fed, safe, secure and nurtured there would be no need of weapons. If one lived on an Island like Hawaii or the coast of Brittish Columbia or Crete this was very strong. The greatest power is love. I am specifically referring to this energy in these times when women must indeed fight for their rights for freedom, for themselves their children, and most especially for Mother Earth. Blessings to you.


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