The denial state of lies

Wow it’s a roller coaster. Very intense and we will be in the thick of it over the next two weeks of February’s installment of eclipse season. Then another even more intense pounding in AUGUST where especially AGENT ORANGE, my new pseudonym for you know who will get absolutely pummeled, killed or impeached. 

 We are in what’s called the DENIAL STATE.

The denial state painting 1999 Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Denial State by Napoleon Brousseau 1998 Angell Gallery Toronto

This painting was very prophetic, as all great art and literature are. Pre 9/11. My husband is the artist. 

That’s what TRUMP, BANNON and all their nasty cronies are doing. Especially if they are young and don’t give a shit about history. If you choose to ignore history, you are doomed. We will keep telling the truth until its made right. Until there is honesty and credit given where it is due. 


This eclipse is asking that we all ROAR our heart’s truths. 

Let me know how this big shift in our values and the denial state of affairs is affecting you.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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