Lunar eclipse Tarot reading-get grounded

Let’s pull a Tarot card for today’s Lunar eclipse and comet Honda appearing too.

These are both traditional harbingers of ill omens.  


Priestess of Disks Thoth 

The Priestess of Disks or Princess of Coins is the most earthy of cards. She symbolizes the earth of earth.
In the I CHING she would be totally RECEPTIVE all YIN lines. The Hexagram #2 K’un. The # 2 in the tarot and in the alpha bet is the High Priestess, the Moon, also totally feminine. I wonder if this Chinese word for receptive, total feminine energy, K’un isn’t the root word for Kunt.
In Sanskrit, the Goddess Kunti was the root for that word as well as the Patriarchs took the honored Goddess and inverted her energy as they always do and” spit on her snatch” as Marianne Faithfull wrote in a song years ago. 
 She is like CERES or DEMETER, or the Constellation of VIRGO, a very ancient constellation of the Great Mother.
She gives birth to everything that is why she is shown pregnant.  She has the ram’s horns symbol of Aries Mars and the male spiritual force on her head. She initiates ane fertilizes all consciousness as well. 
She holds a diamond-tipped scepter of regal power which is rooted in the earth. This symbolizes the conception of clarity from the hologram that is ALL THAT IS, in the most manifest physical vibration of matter. 
She is the goddess of MANIFESTATION. 
She is also The Goddess Freya, and today is her day FRIDAY, She is VENUS, Goddess of love beauty harmony and the arts. She stands in a sacred grove of trees, an ancient natural “church” in front of an altar which represents a wheat sheaf, the symbol fo Demeter.
The Thoth card shows her holding a Chinese yin/yang shield or symbol of the balanced forces of duality, the masculine/feminine nature of everything which bring equilibrium.
This Priestess governs the WOMB, pregnancy, and symbolizes all womben. Feminists use language to correct misogynistic language. I like womben.  What do you think?
Stay grounded to use the eclipse energy positively. Stay in touch with your body. Eat grounding foods. Touch the earth if you can. Walk barefoot where you can. The Buddhists say that all mantras or actions today are amplified 1,000 times for better or worse. Manifest GRACE today.
Use your intention wisely.  
The physical is the real manifestation of soul and spirit.  
We are pregnant with all possibility.
Call upon the GODDESSES, Venus, Demeter, Freya, Kali, and Persephone, and all the earth mothers and Goddess of the Underworld, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Mictecacihuatl, Chief death Goddess of Mictlan.
And call upon Durga, Hindu Goddess who destroys all demonic Forces, and she rides a lion, very appropriate for a LEO eclipse.
Goddess DURGA

Invincible Warrioress

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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