Astro weather, Airy and getting airer

Moon is in duplicitous GEMINI for most of today.

That’s windy, monkey mind, yackety-yak, act like a child, and play angel devil time.

As you would expect with GEMINI energy there are lots of aspects Monday, Feb 6


Between MOON the SUN in AQUARIUS and JUPITER in LIBRA later today

Do put on your airy thinking caps. This is a day to really think outside the box.  This is an extremely positive energy.  I know things have been very intense. This is a day to turn your mind to uplifting positive things. 

The Moon quincunxes PLUTO in Capricorn early in the wee hours which may bring on disturbing dreams, being chased, Nazi’s or hoodlums chasing you. Deep dark soul shadows will rise up into your consciousness. This is a good thing.

Moon sextiles URANUS and ERIS in ARIES 

which makes for lightning bolts of inspiration. You may be feeling like the shadowy outsider who wants to blow up everything. Be careful what you say today.

Moon squares CHIRON in PISCES

Underneath all the blather and constant talk a need to retreat into the feeling body is really important. Many people in the collective are feeling vulnerable and wounded. 

Moon opposes SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 2:53 pm PST/ 5:53 pm EST

This is quite the positive victory energy. Speak your truth, have your day in court, inspire justice, take the consciousness higher. MOON goes VOID OF COURSE at that time.

Moon inconjuncts MERCURY in CAPRICORN

Mercury is at the last degree of CAPRICORN the critical anaretic degree. This degree is very practical, born of wisdom earned through hard work, due diligence and maturity. The wisdom is there in your bones, in your ancestral DNA. The busy mind needs to stay embodied to reach that wisdom.

MOON enters CANCER its’ home sign where we get very emotional, sensitive, armored, need a lot of emotional security and want to stay safe at home with our families.

MERCURY Enters AQUARIUS on the 7th -Feb 25

Mercury in Aquarius is a good placement. The mind is sharp, detached, inventive, can find brilliant solutions to problem and issues. Thinks of WE” not me. Your mind will be sizzling with this aspect. Expect lightning bolts from the blue. Expect to see the light.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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