Attaining enlightenment, Mars at last degree of the Zodiac

The warrior has reached the end of his journey. His weapons fallen, his armor broken, useless to protect him anymore. His trophies and medals tarnished and inconsequential. All of his worldly belongings destroyed and worth nothing. All of his former loved ones abandoned him. His children and grandchildren want nothing to do with him, they have all renounced him. All his great, grand ideas of conquering, of controlling, oh having, of living, of dominating, of plundering, of avoiding death, old age and taxes, of being the King are seen for what they are. Illusions and delusions. The warrior realizes he is alone and frightened. He realizes that everything which he fought so hard for is absolutely meaningless and wrong. 

The warrior realizes he is alone, weak and he is frightened.  He realizes that he is a failure, not a hero at all. He has failed to love others, he has failed to do good. He has failed to be compassionate or kind. He has only thought of himself. Now his ego is finally destroyed, this life review makes him realize, at this last breath in his feeble male body that he has totally wasted his precious time on earth. He realizes he has created mountains of harm and bad karma. He has debts which will take millennium’s to repay and to rebalance. The warrior weeps on his death bed alone. He weeps for his wife and children, for his parents, brothers and sister, his friends and neighbors, colleagues and for every person he ever met. He weeps for himself, now seen as pathetic, weak, scared, a little boy who never really grew up to be a human being, a real man. He has been disconnected from his true self, and his heart, his entire life. It’s at this very moment, that a miracle can occur.

 MARS is at the 29th critical degree of PISCES  Jan 26-27

While Mars has been in the great ocean of PISCES we’ve been treading water unconsciously. The exhaustion, grief and repressed anger so many of us have been feeling has a great deal to do with this. It will be a relief to be freed from this 12th house Prison, soon.

This is also the critical degree of attaining Buddahood or enlightenment.

The last degree of the Zodiac is a very very spiritual degree. It is said that the aim for all souls is to reach the last degree of the Zodiac through experiencing many, many lifetimes and to earn dharma and be released.  Try to connect with this energy today. Mars is the driving force, this is a very powerful symbol. 

Think of Buddha who has been sitting under the Bodhi tree for so long,

Buddha bodhi tree,Tara Greene

immovable, fighting off all the demons, the seductresses, the illusions, and delusions The Buddha sees and experiences all of his past lives, he witnesses everything that has happened in all time and space, until he sees through the illusion of it all. His mind is free of his ego, it expands, he is free from all emotional cravings, and aversions, and sees that everything is always changing, is in relationship and as he reached enlightenment or clear mind, he touches the earth and states that he has attained enlightenment and the earth is his witness. He looks up and see Venus as the Morning Star and heart is filled with love. He then is compelled through compassion to help assist others to attain enlightenment too.

Become one with this energy. It exists in all time, for all eternity. Breathe it in. Become the buddha. 

Use Mars at this last degree, in these very trying times to be a BODHISATTVA

A bodhisattva is a male or female human being who has already attained enlightenment but as they are consciously leaving the earthly existence behind, this incarnation on the meat wheel of Saturn/time they look back at the earth. Out of compassion for all the suffering and ignorant beings, they give up their own liberation and come back to teach enlightenment to help all beings reach enlightenment.

Here is the famous Bodhisattva vow:

“Just as all the previous Sugatas, the Buddhas
Generated the mind of enlightenment
And accomplished all the stages
Of the Bodhisattva training,
So will I too, for the sake of all beings,
Generate the mind of enlightenment
And accomplish all the stages
Of the Bodhisattva training.”

In Mahayana Buddhism, the bodhisattva vows to work for the relief and liberation {nirvana}of all sentient- beings as long as samsara or cyclical rebirth exists.

With Venus so nearby to Mars allow her compassion and unconditional love to help the warrior King transform himself from a tyrant into a Knight who serves to respect as an equal and to support and honor the Divine Feminine. His actual role.

The Accolade by Edmund Leighton 1901

The famous Chinese Bodhisattva Kwan Yin is the Goddess to call upon here. I am a priestess dedicated to her service.

Artwork by Zeng Hao

Mars in Pisces is also like the famous story of the Fisher King. It is part of the Tales of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. The wounded king has a serious sexual wound, his kingdom which he symbolizes is a total wasteland. The King can only be healed and the wasteland restored to life again after the innocent Parsival, screws up a few times, and then finally utters the magic words to the King. ” What ails thee?”  This is the voice of Venus in Pisces speaking. If we have compassion for the wounded masculine, he can be healed. 

Also see the great 1991 movie The Fisher King starring Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges and directed by Terry Gilliam.

If we all do this our single-mindedness may affect the Wounded Patriarchy on the rampage these days. We must all work to heal our own ego’s and wounds. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Through synchronicity and 6 degrees of separation, I connected to someone who works with his woman: Please read it it is apropos.

A little more depth article about the buddha and his enlightenment.


9 thoughts on “Attaining enlightenment, Mars at last degree of the Zodiac

  1. Your words are the most accurate, the most complete and more importantly the most beautiful explanation I have ever seen on what is happening in our world!

    I have been shown to cling to this unconditional love of a particular male for several Years. It has tried and tested me and I was just thinking earlier today that I felt My continuous support of him had actually been controlled by a force outside… But more probably a force DEEP INSIDE of me. The story here explains that I was Acting out the archetypal role prescribed for these times. Like I said yesterday Amazing to see we do what we are being directed to by the stars!

    Much more I could tell here but I will spare you except to say his presence in my Life brought me up against examining deep fears many days.

    Going to be oh so interesting now as I am already seeing glimmers of his healing.

    Beautiful, brilliant work from you as always! A major highlight to my days!

    Sent from my IPad.



  2. Hi Tara! Thank you so much! Your words and insights are so deeply heard and valuable! I felt a shift come over me yesterday and last night after so much anguish, anger, depression and numbing since the election! I kept thinking, I don’t want to fight! I’m a peace lover not a fighter, but knowing I and we are not alone and having compassion (synchronicity! -that’s my angel card for today!) helps me carry on..I decided to look up some old protest songs last night on You Tube and sang along by myself..That felt very heart opening too..So, I was brought back to my core belief in love and coming from the heart..Thank you again! Definitely sharing..


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