Sagittarius moon squares Venus Chiron love hurts

I’ve actually written this post twice yesterday while waiting in a hospital ER room to be seen. Took a total of  7 hours. 2.5 of which were because I wasn’t told to register. That’s the wonderful Canadian free health care. They take you in order of necessity. Oh it was like 7 hours of Saturnine hard core reality. This hospital in the east end of Toronto near to where I live has always had awful energy. It smacks of poverty and sadness and always seems chaotic. All the hospitals are over burdened and many of the people there today were elderly.

Fits the Saturn square Venus and  Chiron square perfectly.

Women are feeling very wounded and are speaking their truth. Did you see some of the amazing signs from the Women’s March on Washington on Jan 21? The women are responding in strength and power. Raising women’s energy and their strengths.


We need to have Compassion for poor suffering people. I don’t know their histories. I did start speaking with one elderly lady who’d also been waiting most of the day. There are people really suffering everywhere in the world. We need to open our hearts and send them love. So simple.

This energy can be felt personally as the Sage truth that made your rose colored glasses fall and shatter on the ground.

Finding the truth out about someone you love lying, cheating, or having addictions can feel devastating.

Chiron is where we are the most wounded, and abandoned. This is a primal wound and one which traditionally marked all heroes from antiquity up to Harry Potter.

Saturn gives us a structure and strength and maturity to let go of toxic relationships and stand in our truth. Use Saturn’s square to build a foundation, a tower of strength to enclose the wounded vulnerable parts of ourselves while we heal.

This aspect aspects Gemini and Virgo as well with planets between 21-28 degrees.

Chiron in Pisces being squared by Saturn is debt and having to pay the tax man. If you need structure to help you with debt or any other addictions these aspects are very helpful.

is debt and having to pay the tax man. If you need structure to help you with debt or any other addictions these aspects are very helpful.

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Love Hurts- Nazareth

8 thoughts on “Sagittarius moon squares Venus Chiron love hurts

  1. I was worried about you yesterday when your column didn’t appear! I hope you got Good treatment and feel better soon.

    Being somewhat new to astrology I am sometimes skeptical. But when things are ha Happening in my life and then I read what you say and it is EXACTLY where I am at It blows me away!

    You are a brilliant interpreter of the messages we are getting from the skies! I’m glad To have Saturn currently helping me build a structure for healing deep wounds!

    Be Well!

    Sent from my IPad.



    • hi Sophie
      I did get some good treatment it just took 6.5 hours at the hospital emergency out patient is all. Astrology blows me away over and over again. The planetary and star alignments are really the cosmic messages and they are so deep and vast as the cosmos is. The more you look the more you see, the greater depths there are.
      You have to appreciate and honor Saturn that’s what I discovered because, if we are all here in 3D we are governed by Saturn/ Satan. Who was originally the Great Mother of course. We are all built in the body of a Goddess our mothers. Saturn is the flesh and the bones, the architect, the physical and the illusion. That is why if you study the Devil Card in the Thoth Tarot which is Capricorn and is the symbol of Saturn you will get all the nuances. Thanks for your good wishes,


  2. Hugs and love for you Tara. Your report is very timely. Last night I just could not stop crying for the suffering of some of my close loved ones and myself. Woke up with dry fish-frog eyes lol.


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