Sagittarius Moon, truth, justice, optimism

The Women’s March is a great movement, and an advancement of the Divine Feminine taking back her power. We have not lived in ana era of balanced masculine and feminine energies for maybe thousands of years. The memories live in our cellular consciousness, though. We can access them through meditation.
We have to march every day, we have to demand our rights everyday, at work, in our relationships, in the culture, in what we buy, support, the way we live our lives. The way we raise our children, in the kind of world we want to live in. We are creating it now.
The Dalai Lana said “western women will change the world.” It’s up to us to be the leaders, the changers.
Women have always had the power to change society because they control 51% of the purchasing power in the world.
In Poland recently when a right-wing government tried to stop abortion, every woman in the country walked off work to protest.
If we do it together we can create those changes.
Do not support Patriarchal institutions which are embedded into the culture everywhere. This is a revolution being birthed. You are one of the mothers birthing it.

I got very sick last night. I have bronchitis now. I could hardly sleep because I couldn’t breathe. So I need to rest and to take care of myself. I have problems with my lungs because I was born so premature. Send your healing vibes to me please.

I feel totally stoned from this cold whatever it is. I wrote this article once then it disappeared.

Moon is in Sag today Jan 22-24

mood is optimistic, honest, easy going.

Moon sextiles Sun 

we are feeling happy and positive.

Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at night Pst/ Tomorrow in wee hours EST and GMT

Good for visualization, meditation, all creativity and dream work. Set your spiritual growth intention at high. program your dreams to experience Lucid Dreaming.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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