Jan 20 transition of power,”Dark Night of the Soul”

A large coronal hole on the Sun has been spewing out a solar wind stream of plasma, which is energized, charged particles, primarily electrons and protons, flowing outward from the Sun, that is now affecting the earth. See http://spaceweather.com/

These Solar winds affect electro-magnetic fields in the earth’s ley lines and in our bodies. We are really electricity in the flesh. If you have been feeling tired dizzy and kind of “out of it” that is my experience of how these solar winds and CME’s affect us.

I was downtown today going to two events and people seemed to be really in a weird energetic space. Many seemed to be really somnambulistic. How were you feeling yesterday?

Anti-Trump protesters were very angry under that Mars-Saturn square as would be expected

I don’t condone violence. One protester assaulted a Repub supporter and hit him in the head, he needed stitches. I find it laughable that Trump protesters are being referred to as leftists. But Trump actually becoming President is a totally insane idea but there are some good things in there too. Who pushed the button and we all ended up inside a reality TV studio? Do you feel we are all suddenly living like Jim Carrey in that movie The Truman Show?  Only we haven’t figured out its all a set yet.  The reality may or may not be coming to a theatre- your own life, soon.

And now its Inauguration day. Trump is a #22/4 The Fool/King

Yes CNN did a story which was a not so secret plant to inducing some maniac to off Trump and Pence scenario which was very weird.  Or they were revealing their plans out in the open.  The tension is still in the air.

The nice energy today is VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO @ 17+ degrees Pisces/Capricorn

VENUS in PISCES, the Goddess of unconditional love, blurred lines, martyrdom, delusion, debt and romance is blessings the corporate conservative inauguration of Trump who is PLUTO in CAPRICORN at this point embodied. Values are dying and being reborn. This is especially important for women to hold a position of power now.

I know that still seems hard to wrap our heads around. PLUTO is still PLUTO though, yes the PLUTOCRACY. And he is still LORD of the UNDERWORLD, the shadows, the scapegoats- “Mexicans, Muslims terrorists, Jews. ” He wield incredible power and control, secrets, sex, scandals, cabals. It is SCORPIO energy under a Scorpio Moon.   Trump as much as he keeps foisting that he is on the side of the ignored, the Pisces underdogs, has hired the richest of colleagues to be in his crew. It is shameless 1% ers all the way. Republican Democrats its all the same show. But the deplorables don’t seem to get it.

Venus in Pisces is illusions and delusions so be very careful what you project onto TRUMP. Everyone sees something else. He is a showman, a manipulator, yes he is bringing change, but what kind of change and who really benefits? The poor Venus in PISCES person roots for the underdog and then gets martyred in the process. Venus in Pisces is also all those who quote the bible, want to control women, poor me, victims. The anti-Trumps are campaigning for women’s rights, for LGBT rights for anti-rascism, anti-fascism, freedom of speech.  These are democratic, secular, higher consciousness values.

We shall see. I know the revolution is simmering in the background already. I was looking ahead to 2020 and OMG. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Either Saudi Arabia is nuked off the face of the earth or they start WW3.  Big new long-term cycles kick off in 2020. Trump may still be there.

The last aspect of Jan 20 is SCORPIO MOON trines NEPTUNE in PISCES

The Plutonic theme continues. Yes they will be celebrating in Washington. But all is not what it appears at all. Neptune in Pisces is like the whole world drank the kool-aid. Scorpio can secretly exercise its need to control using those addictions, or distractions, entertainment, the internet, etc.  It is time to wake up to see how monitored everyone’s lives are, how controlled the media is and this isn’t just Democrats. The secret government who runs the Presidency have been brainwashing everyone for years. That is advertising and big banks, and culture, and religion all of these are tools to control huge populations.

There are secrets, illusions, delusions, projections, deep emotions, obsessive fantasies, sex, big money, death, rebirth, spirituality, debt, lies, banking, deception, scandals and BIG False gurus.

 The Tarot card of DEATH #13 is SCORPIO energy and Pisces 12th house spirituality, magic, source energy, surrender, drugs, illusions, escapism is The Card of the Moon #18 in the TAROT.

A dangerous cocktail indeed. it’s tinged with S & M, depression, addictions, suicide, danger, false paths and unconscious shadows taking over.

There is a need for white light angelic spiritual protection.

The positive side of this it’s very creative, very imaginative, good for artists musicians and doing any kind of creative work.

It is a good energy to do rituals with especially with water. It’s good for meditation, visualization, and deep soul connections and inner visions. Scorpio brings courage and daring, fearless, death and change. This energy heightens your deepest psychic energies with the desires of the soul. This is deep shadow country.

It’s also excellent for doing Tantric sex magic rituals.Be careful with this energy, you must always use it for positive energy and white magic. Use only with a beloved, to reach states of enlightenment.  Do not be dragged down into Scorpio’s lower chakra nature, you could be eaten by demonic forces easily or your own unconscious need for power and control.

Faith is important at times of major transitions. You may feel you are going through the “Dark Night of the SOUL” but it is all part of the rebirth process. Trust and connect with Source to guide you.

PUT On your xray specs like in the famous 1988 Jon Carpenter film THEY LIVE

 “You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you.  You’re wrong. Dead wrong. “

All really great sci-Fi is tuned into the future and is prophetic. I believe this movie certainly was. It doesn’t have to be literally about aliens. The message is very much about waking up to the control brainwashing and consumerism. The corporate 1% are alien in that they are separate different for the rest, they can be metaphorically seen as reptilians because they are cold. Which is a popular conspiracy theory and alt view of the world.

Trump, wake up, Astrology



on the right is Shepard Fairy’s 2011 show honoring the original John Carpenter film.

Note how it says THIS IS YOUR GOD OBEY YOUR DICTATOR. on it.

“One of my main concepts with the show, and the [Obey] campaign as a whole, was that obedience is the most valuable currency. People rarely consider how much power they sacrifice by blindly following a self-serving corporation’s marketing agenda, and how their spending habits reflect the direction in which they choose to transfer power.” says Fairey.

Donald Trump is a total capitalist. It’s all about giving people jobs so they can consume more, frack the hell out of the earth for more oil, to create more industry, pollution, and to hell with the environment.  It’s all the same show, democrats Republicans blah blah blah.

It is time to wake up to see how monitored everyone’s lives are, how controlled the media is and this isn’t just Democrats. The secret government who runs the Presidency have been brainwashing everyone for years. That is advertising and big banks, and culture, and religion all of these are tools to control huge populations.

My husband and I started watching  RT a few months ago and found it refreshing. It is more open and more about the world, Larry King is on it. Their anchor people look real not all plastic.  They showed some truly hideous footage of poor malnourished Arabic children in Yemen who Saudi Arabia is trying to obliterate. The Humanitarian organizations asked that the U.S. and Britain stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.  Remember the House of Saud was part of the 911 plan and protected by the U.S. Government. What is really going on is the arms manufacturers only want to make a profit. They don’t care about poor little kids who are Muslims or Whatever they are. They are happy to support their obliteration. So take a long look at how this planet has been played out. Scorpio brings the gift of X-Ray vision. See beyond the fake show. Its all fake. Trump calling CNN Fake is partly true and partly a reason for the Repubs to control the media and absolve themselves.

We need to pray for a real spiritual awakening.

In the meantime, the best we can do is work towards being enlightened ourselves. The split in America is a split in the culture, a split in what really goes on and the denial or ignorance. The split, is a crack which opens up so that hopefully positive change can emerge.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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12 thoughts on “Jan 20 transition of power,”Dark Night of the Soul”

  1. Tara I totally agree. We are all in a mess and I feel all this is such a sin. The 1% are trying to hold down the everyday activities of the USA people to suit their purposes and needs completely, treating us like STEEP and not as humans. For several years now I have been feeling the vibes of dispair and doom in my life and seen those I love and care for suffer more and more so I can only imagine how the rest of the World is fairing. Power and control is major and we will soon be left without any rights or freedom. The Constitution is changed, laws are made as a result, the rich get richer and so on. When I was in my late teens or early twenties I watched a movie, “Soilent Green” which Mr. Heston was the star. That movie is like it’s coming to life now and it’s worth watching. Drama and doom is everywhere and we need to make serious changes before we no longer exist. Pray like you never have before, meditate, wish, whatever it takes to make all our lives better, or our children and grand children won’t have a future, at least a future worth living. I’m scared and mad all at the same time. Feeling lost is a good explaintion!


    • Yes Soylent Green was a major movie of its time. I’d say 1984 is more relevant. It is all part of a vast change, Trump is working ofr the Divine Mother as he is making women mobilize and stand up for their rights. It is a 50 year step backwards. Who needs the old tyme religion B.S. the real 1st world countries are Norway Sweden, Iceland all socialist, all secular although religious in their own way. A great country takes care of its citizens and gives freedom of choice. All the rest is just ego blather. What is great? who is defining these terms?


  2. Hi Tara

    I read your blog all the time and I thank you for your generosity.

    You mentioned in your last blog that you watched RT do you know that it stands for> “”Russia Today?


    • hi Aglo, Yes of course I know it is Russian Tv, It is fabulous. Never mind the Democrats BS trying to blame Russia that really is fake news.In Canada we are not afraid of Russia, we have always been trade partners with them. As a little country we can stay out of the big cold wars and don’t see communist countries as threat.


  3. Interesting take on the mess facing America at present. Another was that the rabble was roused to violence during the inauguration – incendiaries planted to stir things up so that McDonald could decry violence in an attempt to distance himself from the ugliness of his campaign comments. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that was, in fact, the case.

    I agree that all politicians seem equally self-serving – but the reign of the Trumpet and his Billionaire appointees with NO political experience will probably having us yearning for their return, as we watch in horror at what these “new brooms” are willing to “sweep clean.”

    Say what you will about Democrats, at least they didn’t support this particular madman – and I fear that most Republicans supposedly representing the American people in Congress & in the Senate will fail to oppose him, no matter what he proposes.

    God HELP America – blessings may be too weak an intervention!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


      • Let’s pray it’s sooner – later may well be too late to undo the damage in the lives (and deaths) of *many* Americans.

        It will probably be years before I will watch the events of yesterday – in whatever that time’s version of newsreels happens to be. Its distressing enough to READ about it. I simply cannot wrap my head around the reality that America has come to this.

        And believe me, I would love to turn out to be wrong about that damage. It’s not difficult for me to recall the early signs of Hitler’s megalomania, I’m that frightened for all of us.


      • hiMadelyn I understand completely. Trump is a very complex, ironic revolutionary in the grand scheme of things. Heis pushing all the buttons. He is working for the Goddess you see, he is making women stand up for their rights and to get stronger. This anti-liberal thing is very strong in the World right now. it is the Dark side of Pluto in Capricorn.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s another way of seeing it. Trump is a very complex archetype. He is a Fool/King and in some ways enlightened and in other ways a power hungry autocrat. These times are tough and can be getting tougher. Tump and the Republicans are emboldened now and it could get very fascist in the U.S. if they have the majority they can do what they want. 2018-2020 DO NOT LOOK PRETTY from an astrology standpoint. Women must stay vigilant. I believe grassroots support will be created for women’s health care through crowd funding etc. That way the people can have power in their own hands

        Liked by 1 person

  4. well if the half a million women who marched on Washington each donated $1 there would be half a million dollars right there to help support women getting abortions or being able to travel to a state that would allow it for free. The fascist slide is a huge danger which astrologers have known about all along. WHo wants that again or ever?


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