Lucid Dreaming with Venus and Mars, Libra Moon


How have your dreams been lately? My dreams have been very wild and vivid the last while with Venus and Mars in Pisces. Do you have lucid dreams? You know when you do as they are super HD, vivid and you are conscious that you are dreaming. I dreamed about my mom and dad one night, both of whom have passed on. I dreamed about having to go back and retrieve some old structure. I dreamed I was being fed some special bread by Madeleine Marentette the owner of the beautiful Grail Springs Spa, one of the top 10 healing hotels in the world. That was nice as I don’t eat in dreams usually do you? Our 5 senses that we are familiar with in this dimension don’t operate the same way in our dreams. Have you noticed that? The sense of smell in dreams is one of the rarest things.  dreamed about David Bowie too, he was fine. That was nice. Please ask if you have questions about your dreams.

I dreamed about David Bowie too, we had a nice chat.He was fine. That was nice. He said he was sorry to his daughter that he wasn’t there physically but that he certainly was there watching over her all the time in spirit. He missed Iman as well. But she knows David Jones is forever in her heart. Please ask if you have questions about your dreams.

Well, the tension is mounting.

Jan 17 Moon trines SUN in an earth trine in EST and GMT at night.

MOON enters LIBRA today @ 3:16 am PST/ 6:16 am EST until the 19th

Moon in Libra, Tara Greene astrology

Moon squares off with Mercury in Capricorn

Diplomacy may be nowhere to be found of course these days.

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES on Tuesday Afternoon

disappointment in that fantasy lover, or your mate who you discovered was two-timing you. So sad. But you want everyone to think all is oK. What to do?


Mars in Pisces is a total submersible. Watch out for hidden agendas, and passive-aggressive martyr/victim role playing. Especially not how annoying people can be telling you how much they like you, love your stuff, blah blah blah, they’re on your side but they’re so insincere you are choking on it.

MARS in PISCES amps up your intuition and your bullshit detector

Use it. It may be hard to detect the signal because it’s beeping so far underwater, but trust that it is there. You can’t please all of the people all of the time anyways, so don’t even try.

Trump news will be getting worse and worse as the dreaded day approaches. Yes, the energy will shift and a big massive sigh will be let loose when it’s finally a done deed. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

Try to find some peace in that sinkhole feeling these days.

Remember to breathe,LIBRA is an air sign.

Be polite is the least you can do under a Libra Moon.


More inconjuncts and a grand cardinal T-square to boot

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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