Fire Trines and inconjuncts Saturday

That Leo moon sure is active today  Jan 14, making 4 inconjuncts in EST and GMT to Pluto in Capricorn Mars in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces and then to the Sun in Capricorn.

I felt these yesterday and I am sure you did too. It’s most like the fingernails on the chalkboard kind of energy, or dripping taps or just some inconsequential something irritating you whether it’s a newfound chip on the tile on the bathroom floor or just feeling kind of bummed out for no reason that’s what quincunx’s will do. I did find tiny chips on the new tile in the bathroom floor actually. A quincunx or inconjunct is when two elements can’t communicate with any common denominator. Irritating and frustrated. The fire energy wants things to happen. Frustration levels will be high.

On top of all that to add fuel to the Leo Fire

The Moon trines URANUS in ARIES in the wee hours and then Trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS  4 hours later. That’s called a GRAND FIRE TRINE

Yes it’s very grand for all the fire signs and is beneficial to all the air signs as well.

Fire and earth and fire and water don’t mix too well.

It is a day or renewed rebellion, urge for freedom, brilliant fast as lightning energy and insights, and soaring to new destinations. Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Launch a project which you’ve been meaning to do. Visit a respected elder. 

In between all of this action there is a sweet little sextile from the Moon to Jupiter in LIBRA in the a.m. 

It’s very nice for relationships, have a romantic brunch with croissants and cafe au lait. 

The Moon goes Void of Course early in the a.m. ay 7:17 am PST/ 10:17 am EST/ 3:17 pm GMT 

The energy shifts down into being grounded as the moon enters VIRGO @ 7:52 pm PST/10:52 pm EST/ Jan 15 @ 3:52 am GMT 

Virgo moons want to stay busy grounded, being practical, cleaning up, creating order, budgets, reading, talking, and helping others. 

The MOON trines Mercury in PST/ Next Dat in the wee hours in EST and GMT 

Sunday feels quiet. Take some time to relax, get into your body, clean up around your home, walk in nature, be grateful for simple things. 

Have a lovely Saturday

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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