Astro-Tarot, inspirational Daily Card

Jan 9 MERCURY IS NOW DIRECT, no more excuses.

Gemini Moon is active of course squaring three planets. 


All in the wee hours make sure you mull over your dreams in the morning. See your life and all events as a dream. 

GEMINI MOON squares MARS in PISCES in the evening

Arguments, disagreements, not seeing the same thing? The split you see may be your own.

Moon inconjuncts PLUTO 

Power struggles in the news, between friends, don’t make light of it.

Gemini moon inconjuncts the SUN in CAPRCIORN in PST/ Jan 10 EST and GMT

No matter how much you slice it or dice it, the REAL lasts. Never try to out argue a Capricorn who knows how to be practical and get stuff done. 

Moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES in PDT/ Jan 10 in EST and GMT

Brilliant insights, breakaways and escaping into a new identity is very probable. 

Inspirational Card of the Day

The CHariot Tarot Astrology Psychic Tara Greene


The CHARIOT is the 7th numbered Major Arcana. The # 7 is associated with the 7 planets, days of the week, chakras, Heavens, musical notes, deadly sins, the amount of years it takes or our cells to regenerate totally, etc. The number 7 represents divine order.

THE CHARIOT is associated with CANCER, a Cardinal Water sign and the one that will be featured on Jan 12th Full Moon. Cancer is governed by the Moon. It is the sign of home, the womb, our childhoods, emotional security needs, our unconscious, women, feelings, nurturing, food, nourishment, emotions, sentimentality, fertility, and privacy. It is also a card denoting a Victory lap. The Chariot on its most esoteric level symbolizes the emotional body as the prime vehicle and reason we are here in this physical plane. Cancer is all about love and unconditional caring as a mother naturally gives her body over to build the body.

The appearance of The Chariot augers a need to ask; Where am I feeling in or out of balance now? Do I feel that I am in the driver’s seat right now? Am I blocking feelings? Check into your gut my placing your hands on your stomach and ask yourself this question. Your gut will respond. What am I nurturing?  What do I need to put into place so that I can take my Victory lap this year? Look at what your diet is like. You are what you eat. Pay attention to what nurtures you. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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