Earth shaking Superstar astrology

Jan.6  The Aries moon and Cardinal square yesterday brought a nice spark of energy into our home. We got a lot done and the house got cleaned, we were all in a more up mood, just telling you how we were feeling it. My daughter is on her Christmas break and my husband working on finishing the bathroom renovations.  I’ve been sick with a terrifically bad head cold/flu that is going around here since New Year’s Eve. It’s a cleanse.  

The Cardinal fire spark which initiates new beginnings continues as the Aries Moon opposes Jupiter in Libra. This can bring fresh inspiration into any imbalanced relationship. 

The Jupiter energy carries a large symbolic sway over this superstar day. Jupiter is Zeus, Thor, Yahweh a lightning bolt or Dorje as the Tibetan Buddhists would call it. 

the universe always is sending us synchronous clues, I got an inkling about this a couple of days ago. my husband was watching The History channel and it was about earth being populated by Martians originally?  I didn’t see the whole thing. The part I saw- which I needed to see obviously was that the Dorje was an atomic weapon in the Mahabharata a famous Hindu religious text of very ancient origin. Hold that thought about atomic energy/lightning bolts. The symbol means a whole lotta fire energy.  

Clang clang fire Trine

Aries Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius

Set your sight on long-term serious goals and light ‘me on fire. 

Aries moon trines Mercury Retro in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre

This is a very powerful fire trine as it initiates a spark straight into the Galactic Centre which is a huge vast Void of spiritual source energy. Use it wisely, it is the last fire aspect before Mercury turns direct on the 8th. Meditate on receiving the mirror energy back from the Galactic center down a lightning bolt of truth into your spirit. remember those flame throwing Gods right?

The moon goes into V-O-C after this second fire trine @ 10:41 am PST / 1:41 pm EST/ 6:41 pm GMT. 

RAKU pottery -earth and fire creativity

Moon enters earthy Taurus @12:18 pm PST / 3:18 pm EST / 6:18 pm GMT

The mood will remain down to earth until Sunday afternoon. we should be grateful for this as it’s all about bringing the fire of inspiration down to earth into the physical where it becomes real. 

Get yourself grounded, do what you need to feel that. Do some exercise, eat some comfort food, or fine chocolate or count your sheckles.Taurus energy is sensuality supreme so do indulge that with massages and the like.

Moon sextiles Venus in Pisces 

This is a lovely romantic, erotic tantric energy. It can also be used for meditation beautifying an altar, yourself or your beloved. Also beneficial when used by artists poets songwriters and any creative practical idea visioning. Bring flowers into your home, easy if you live somewhere warm. 

I would get grounded and feeling centered as the next aspect up is where we go for the gold. This is a once a year opportunity. 


I wrote about this yesterday in detail. @ 10:45 pm in PST 

Jan 7th @ 1:45 am EST/ 6:45 am GMT

Look at where 16+ degrees Capricorn is in your natal chart to find how this nuclear powered black sun can transform your life.  Look at the aspects to it. It is in a cardinal Cross formation already moving exact next week. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and of course Cappy’s will be feeling it the strongest.  

GEMINI from 14-22 degrees will feel the inconjunct pressure which may be difficult to pin down. 

LEO from 14-22 degrees also gets the quincunx from SUN PLUTO. You may take a huge ego hit which serves to open your heart wider or can create a lot of convoluted pain. 

I’m looking forward to this superstar aspect. This is the first major one of 2017. 

We may not see its effects till Mercury passes that degree direct on Jan. 29th. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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11 thoughts on “Earth shaking Superstar astrology

  1. Hi Tara, how cool!! My North node is 16 degrees Cappy. There are no aspects to my North node apart from a square to Chiron. I got two weeks notice today from my job. I’ve had it for a year and it has greatly compromised my peace of mind and my health. It was a tough year 2016. I’m so pleased 2017 has arrived.
    It feels like such a relief and like it was definitely meant to be with these powerful aspects playing out. Especially on my North node!! I’m trusting and I’m open that its all in divine order!! Merc conjunct my Mars conjunct the Galactic too!
    So good to hear your happy news too. Wishing you all the best for a fabulous year for you and your family. Ive loved having your presence in my life albeit via the computer! xx


    • sounds like perfect synchronicity to me Jo. Follow what your SUN and PLUTO the Light and Dark of your soul came here to do. What house is it in? sounds like a great time to sit ad meditate and get the answers or have a reading. The square to Chiron, where is Chiron in Aries or Libra? Chiron is being heavily aspected to by other planets.


  2. Thanks for your reply Tara. Capricorn, north node 1st house. Chiron in third Aries conjunct moon 2nd Aries, opposing pluto libra 8th. I think that’s a heavy number!! I’ve been asking, meditating searching for the past five years and still no direction. I feel like an aimless wanderer!!


    • hi Jo North Node in the 1st house is embodying the mission yourself. You are and your work is your highest spiritual goal. It is your identity. Chiron squaring it from the 3rd in Aries is self-made as well, and all about communicating your healing mission, it’s all very Aries like in overtone. You have to create it. Moon is in Aries in the 2nd house opposing Pluto in the 8th,its all about resources,self-esteem, deep childhood unconscious memories and heavy control issues with your mom. Depth psychotherapy would be my immediate answer. A very practical somewhat traditional therapist who through healing her own unhealed wounds heals others. This could also be accomplished through bodywork,Capricorn, the body. Capricorn north node doesn’t get to its goal until its older. Have you considered that? I would look into rolfing or Bowen method or other bodywork methods to healing, Gestalt therapy would also be good and I really like Gestalt therapy. The other thing I might suggest is expressive arts therapy because it is a faster method it is direct in an Aries fashion. I know of the programme that was startedin Boston years ago because I was interested in taking it. It has expanded a lot since then. Check it out. do some reading. Blessings TARA.


  3. Brilliant! Thank you

    Sending you healing energy for A speedy recovery! I had a biofeedback session when I was sick a few weeks ago – they left me on the machine for 2 days – I got better and my partner was still sick for days! Maybe you can do that as well.

    Xoxo, Rose

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  4. Tara thank you for your very kind detailed reply. i gleaned so much from what you said. The powerful hook for me with astrology came when i began studying moon opp pluto. Judy Hall’s book ‘Hades Moon’ was such a big enlightner and v healing for me. And suddenly all the years of crap with R (mother),sorry but i struggle with that word in relation to myself) fitted like a puzzle of recognition. To finally have a reason and a why. Thank you for all you shared. Love Jo xx


  5. Hi Tara, just founded your Web, I’m greatfull for it.So interesting, I guess it’s the right time since I need an advise. Looking forward to find what I need at this moment. Like it !!!


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