Pluto sextiles Chiron, embrace the wounds

I have come down with a wicked. COld in my nosewgich makes me look like Rudolph The reindeer  right now and in my chest. 

With this planetary aspect I really need to stop and slow down and get myself healthy. 

Health is # one. I have been obsessively working on this blog every night very late for years. I stay up all night and I have no reserves left. 

I’ll keep things simple for a little while here. Ok? I am always concerned about my stats andmaintaining  them  but it’s become an addiction. So very Pisces, 

I just have to switch my schedule I spent most of the day sleeping. I need to be dreaming. 

See if these issues are relevant on your life.  Pluto needs to be on power it is an ego issue when unconscious.

Being vulnerable is how Chiron works. No one is perfect. 

I am also finding the synchronicity levels to be extremely high. So do be aware of this. 


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The wounded king painting y Napoleon Brousseau http://www.napob.com


4 thoughts on “Pluto sextiles Chiron, embrace the wounds

  1. The Wounded King picture is absolutely stunning. I love its vibrancy and colour and the mood of it. I hope you feel better Tara. Do whatever it is you need to do to take care of you xx love Jo xx


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