R.I.P. George Michael astrology of life and death

George Michael, the handsome, world famous pop singer, from the 80’s of Wham, died in his sleep peacefully from heart failure on Christmas Day at around 1:00 pm local time. Sadly adding another great pop singer to the list of those who are jamming like crazy in Heaven but who have died too soon in 2016. George was only 53 years old but had been having health problems for many years. 

George Michael astrology Tara Greene

He was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou and has sold 100 million records. He came out as gay in the late 80’s. 

Let’s look at his natal chart and the transits on Christmas day. The irony was one of his biggest pop songs was “Last Christmas I gave you my heart. ” 

George Michael Astrology Tara Greene

George was an emotional sensitive Cancer with his Sun in the very spiritual 12th house. This is very Pisces like and one of his biggest hit albums was called Faith. This also shows that George hid his true self and feelings a lot and where much of his own “self-undoing” came from many times in his life with drugs and alcohol run-ins. He was very close to his Mother and needed emotional security with his Cancer Ascendant and his North Node in his 1st house also in Cancer. 

His natural gifts and skills as a musician, songwriter and performer come from his LEO MOON. He was a natural Star, with his Moon opposite to SATURN in AQUARIUS, he was different and rebellious and these planets are squaring NEPTUNE planet of artists, singers and performers in SCORPIO, sign of deep sex appeal.

Men with Leo MOON in difficult aspect often die of heart failure. George had his Moon opposite SATURN in Aquarius which is a detached sign, squaring Neptune in Scorpio. Neptune rules drugs and dreams. Apparently, George died of heart failure in his sleep and no foul play has been suspected so far. He may have been taking Prescription drugs for awhile.

George had great songwriting skills with a Mercury-Venus conjunction in GEMINI sign of communications and working in a duo, which he did with WHAM. Mercury and Venus also indicate George’s early bi-sexuality. The two planets also form a  T-square with MARS conjunct PLUTO in VIRGO opposite to CHIRON in PISCES. This is an aspect of difficult health issues. Michael almost died of pneumonia a few years back. Planets in Gemini govern the lungs and Mars and Pluto is a difficult combo on their own, and in the 3rd house governing the lungs as well.

George was very close to his Mother, he has CERES the asteroid, dwarf/planet right on his I.C. his roots, home, and foundation in Virgo. He was a hard working perfectionist.

George has lucky JUPITER in ARIES in his 10th house of Worldly fame. He was an originator, a highly energetic, self-made rebellious man who had the ability to reinvent himself as well. He dis some acting in his later years.

On the day of his death:

George was being affected by a number of heavy astrology transits. Most notably PLUTO JUPITER and URANUS on that 20thdegree aspect I wrote about. PLUTO Lord of Death on his Descendant/Ascendant is exactly squaring his Natal Jupiter with JUPITER opposite and URANUS exactly squaring his NORTH NODE at 20 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. Venus in Aquarius at 20 degrees on his Natal Saturn opposite to his Moon in Leo. 

CHIRON the wounded healer was trining his North Node in Cancer exactly, making this a peaceful death. To die in one’s sleep means one passes from one level of consciousness and dimensions to another with great ease. Neptune in PISCES was opposite his Natal PLUTO exact for the last year and affecting his Mars as well. This indicates perhaps an underlying virus or other condition George had that wasn’t detected. 

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS had been transiting through his 6th house of health and has also just opposed his VENUS in GEMINI and squaring his Mid-heaven and I.C. 

The transiting North Node at 5 degrees Virgo was exactly on George’s Part of Fortune. He had an easy painless death. He didn’t suffer. 

I know many fans of his music are shocked and saddened by his sudden passing. He leaves behind no children or spouse. May he  RIP. I am sure his music will last and that he is rocking in Heaven with Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Greg Lake and many other great legends. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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5 thoughts on “R.I.P. George Michael astrology of life and death

  1. Reminds me of the 80’s when I was 7 to 17. Loved Wham. So sad. So nice to hear it was painless and I love what you wrote as great ease in his passing. Astrology bears such witness. Thank you as always for your clarity and astrological validation. My faith is in astrology Tara. xx


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