Make Mercury Retrograde work for you

Do not fear or dread Mercury Retrograde. This popular nonsense about Mercury Retrograde being hellish, horrible and time to lock yourself away until it’s all over is all misguided and overwrought. 

Mercury Retrograde Astrology TAra Greene

 Mercury moves Retrograde on average about 1/3 of the year. We need to sleep 8 hours a day which is also 1/3 of our entire lives.  Nature always does everything in balance. Even though Mercury Retrograde is an apparent illusion, it appears real and the planets are also symbolic indicators for us to take our cues from. Mercury Retrograde is a natural time to rest whenever it occurs. All you drilled in non-stop worker drones need to chill.

Make Mercury Retrograde work for you by playing by the rules of doing everything that has the prefix Re. Mercury Retrograde’s symbol is Rx it is good medicine.

The Main thing to do when Mercury is Retrograde is RELAX.

Yes, the rule is not to start anything new because we time and communication are in a regressive moving backwards, review phase.  Everyone needs time to pause, reset, renew, review, repair, rewind, rescind, regard, regress, relent, etc. etc. 

Just chill. Expect that communications will go awry and redouble your efforts to manage this. Yes, your cheque will get lost in the mail. Many things will get lost in translation. Expect communications snafus and you won’t be disappointed. But it’s not the end of the world. Do take this Mercury Retrograde as a chance to give your overwrought mind a rest. It desperately needs it.

Mercury is also known as Hermes the Olympian messenger god of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, fish, wits, gamblers, and guide to the Underworld. He is the only God who is allowed to travel into the Upper Worlds of Heaven and the Lower Worlds of Hades or Hell. He is also a hermaphrodite, a dual sexed symbol of our brain itself which has a right and left hemisphere. Mercury is considered to be The TRICKSTER, a shape-shifter, and shaman.  Mercury is based on the ancient Egyptian God Anubis who also carries a serpent wand.

Think of Mercury Retrogrades as beauty naps for the brain.

Mercury will turn Retrograde in CAPRICORN and the element which Mercury turns retrograde in makes a difference in how we experience it.  

Mercury turns Retro at the most powerful 15th degree of Capricorn a practical earth sign. This means the communications are expected to be felt more physically and practically. Real objects will get lost, break down, and need repairs. 

Mercury is also conjunct to powerful PLUTO as it Retrogrades bringing Pluto’s powerful energies along with it. Mercury will Retrograde back into SAGITTARIUS on JANUARY 4TH and turns Direct on January 8th at 28+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS which is right on the Galactic Center, the Great Void. This has very spiritual and mystical significance. We are moving from the corporate practical world of Capricorn into the Very metaphysical void from which all light and matter is attracted to.

MERCURY in the TAROT is the #1 Card of The Magician

Magician Thoth Tara Tarot reader

This is a good time to meditate and detach from the mental chatter and learn to watch the mind endlessly create its stories. 

Re-examine your year. What goals did you reach or not? Where do you need to rethink your plans? Review, and get rid of what isn’t relevant.  Wait till after Mercury turns direct to make any new moves.You can chill about being all ready for the New Year your not supposed to be and shouldn’t be.

2017= a #1 year. The year of the Magician. Really sit with the trickster and ask him to be your psychopomp, your guide to all the worlds in 2017. 

Mercury will continue to be in its shadow until it reaches 15+ degrees Capricorn again on January 28th. Then things will really begin to move forwards. 

I have chosen a card to guide you through the Retrograde

Please do share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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3 thoughts on “Make Mercury Retrograde work for you

  1. Thank you for your insightful reading and perspective. Having just returned from 5 weeks in India, I have been sleeping a lot and really relaxing and hibernating in my warm home. I feel very blessed as India was just so amazing. I met so many wonderful people and shared a lot of magical moments and mystical rains just kept pouring down on me…metaphorically of course as it was sunny and beautiful every single day. I now know where I am going to spend a part of my retirement. India calls me softly and sweetly….and I am listening carefully.


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