Galactic Center Hotline Message now

SUN conjuncts the GALACTIC Centre @ 27+ degrees SAGITTARIUS December 17,18 19th. This is a time to tune into the GALACTIC Centre Hotline MESSAGES which are always emanating from this Cosmic void even though it is 26-28,000 Light Years away! Did you know that the GALACTIC CENTER has crammed the masses of 4.1 million Suns into a space that’s as small as Uranus’ orbit. No rude jokes please even though this is Sagittarius energy. That’s a lot of Light being compacted.

Galactic Center messages Tara Greene

The Galactic Center in the Milky Way

 The Mayans envisioned it as the Cosmic Vagina where all souls enter and leave the Galaxy. That intuitively makes perfect sense to me. I call it the YONIVERSE. 

Black holes warp time and space. This means that NOW is a super important time to clear Karma there with the SUN, our point of consciousness conjunct to the G.C. there is no past or future. All dysfunctional stories tend to collapse into the G.C. You could see it as a huge galactic trash compactor. Everything goes in, we don’t know where it comes out or what it transforms into. I see the G.C. as a shamanic transformation birthing place. When you are emptied of your stories that is a form of enlightenment.

Galactic art Tara Greene astrology

The symbol of the Black hole is that it holds billions of masses of light in a very tiny space. As we connect with the GC. it symbolically increases our ability to hold more light. As we hold more light we vibrationally pull up others vibrating at lower or denser rates just as a black hole sucks up all matter around it. 

As the SUN conjuncts zero degrees of Capricorn on December 21 and we begin a New season, at one of the major World Points,  there is no accident that it is close to the Galactic Center.  

My experience of the Galactic Center is of a huge reservoir for intuitive, mystical insights. I have my Natal Mercury exactly on it. Philip Sedgewick an astrologer and astronomer has his Natal Saturn there I believe. Philip has written extensively about the G.C. on his website

Philip has written extensively about the G.C. on his website

Are you ready to sit and meditate and to clear karma for yourself and collectively in the world as it really needs our help to do this now? It’s easy to do, ground yourself first, make sure you have roots deep into Mama Earth, Pachamama then send your intentions out, out, out, to the Galactic Center, you can travel 25,000 Light years in moments. Sit and be comfortable empty yourself of all thoughts open your heart and ask to clear all your karma and to clear that for the world in the many troubled spots today. Ask for guidance.

When you feel ready come slowly back, thank the consciousness that assisted you. 

We are also nearing the end of 2016 which has been a very intense and draining year. A number 9 year. We are also entering a #1 year a brand new cycle, the year of the Magician.

Make a fresh start and finish up all old issues as best you can before the eyar’s end. We will enter 2017 under a Mercury Retrograde so you have an additional 8 days into the new year to get your act together. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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