post-Trickster Full Moon

The Full Moon usually makes me wakeful, Does it do that to you too?

It is a very active Full Super Moon and I wrote about it already so dont want to go back. The energy is high flying with a great tendency to indecision.

Dec 14 

Gemini Moon trines MARS in AQUARIUS in EST And GMT  at night

Bad Girls Astrology Mars

future space exploration dreams on Mars. If you haven’t already done your online Xmas Holiday shopping,do it now. This energy is good for brainstorming, 

MOON enters CANCER on the 14th in the morning

Cancer Moon nurturing, tara Greene

the mood turns to nurturing, sensitive tummies and what kind of delicious food to put in them. Make your menu plans for the Holidays with the Moon in Cancer as it is the most conducive to comfort foods of the traditional kind.  I hope you are cozy and warm. 

Cancer Moon inconjuncts VENUS in AQUARIUS at night

Venus in Aquarius Tara Greene

Do you recognize one of the models in this 60’s photo?

Be careful not to be too mothering, matriarchal, nurturing and overly fussy or judgemental over any woman who is independent, never wants to have kids, is totally career oriented and loves technology. 

CANCER MOON TRINES NEPTUNE IN PISCESPisces South Node Neptune astrology Tara Greene

In the fishbowl of the psyche, the emotional soup, swimming in romance, drowning in drugs, boozed up, fantasied out, in La La land, ungrounded, spacey, wearing rose colored glasses. Use this aspect to meditate and to program Lucid Dreams.

Gotta go. I am feeling tired winter has set in here and it will be getting very cold in the next few days.  This is the darkest time of the year. We are supposed to be hibernating like bears.

The SATURNALIA begins DECEMBER 17-23 an ancient roman pagan holiday of role reversals and major festivities which the Christians placed Jesus birth over as to not upset those pagans overly much. 

Be well please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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