Victory is here. Monday is quirky

So happy to hear that the Dakota Access Pipeline has been halted at Standing Rock. The U>S. Army Core Engineers did not allow easement for the pipeline to be built under a Lake on their sacred lands. The order came from President Obama at the 11th hour. The months and months of thousands of water protectors from hundreds of indigenous tribes encamped in North Dakota sung What is Life in their native Lakota language upon hearing the great decision.

The natives voices were heard. This is a first and a wonderful sign that peaceful activists can move mountains. This is HUGE. Activists from Hollywood made prominent displays of support for the indigenous people. But what happens Jan 20th when Trump becomes president? Trump is invested in the company that is building the pipeline. He doesn’t believe in preserving the environment and wants to keep big dirty oil going as it makes jobs supposedly.  

Everyone must remain vigilant. 

Moon in Aquarius trine JUPITER in LIBRA certainly adds to the feeling of VIVA LA PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.

Revolutionary Astrology Tara Greene

This is a very revolutionary flavored Monday. ANARCHY is the tone of the day. Strong individual wills will speak up. Chaos is also part of this energy. As these aspects take place whilst you are sleeping in anything east of GMT. 

Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and conjuncts MARS in AQUARIUS

You may be having RAD DREAMS and restless sleeps.

Sagittarius governs indgenous peoples. They have a real victory to celebrate and


Yes this definitely is the aspects that goes with this Victory. It feels like the dawning of the proverbial Age of Aquarius. While no one actually knows when the Age of Aquarius begins, different astrologers propose different time lines. Every 2,160 years the Sun passes through each constellation moving backwards in the natural order. The Age of PISCES began when Christ was born, that is why he has the symbol of the fishes. It’s always all about Astrology/Astronomy folks and it always has been that way.  

Feel free to raise your fist in the air and get out you sage and do a little victory dance against the powers that be. Let your freak flag fly. Put John Lennon’s Revolution on repeat. Listen to HAIR. 

Moon sexties URANUS the planet which governs the sign of REVOLUTION And FREEDOM and we are all on the same planet together and are all born of women- AQUARIUS. 

Wow this is truly a URANIAN day. 

Moon goes Void of course at 3:23 am PST/6:23 am EST/ 11:23 am GMT


so just kinda chill and reflect and celebrate. 

Moon enters mellow emotional psychic sensitive dreamy creative PISCES @ 11:31 pm PST etc.

We have until Thursday Morning to be bathing in PISCEAN waters of the unconscious. A lovely empathic, intuitive time. REALLY DO LISTEN TO YOUR DREAMS. 

gotta go, 

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I am working on a Full Moon Meditation Guide e-book which should be available in the next week or so. A great guide for 2017 Full Moon’s.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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