Sun square NEPTUNE, Shout out to Donald Trump

Nov. 30

The Moon is in optimistic, full of faith SAGITTARIUS today. It sextiles Jupiter at 1:20 am EST and makes a sobering conjunction with SATURN in the wee hours.

You may find that your dreams are filled with archetypal old men, bosses, your father, many restrictions,tests and hardships and karmic memories.  

Notice how you feel in the morning. Saturn is like lead, for some you will be out like a log, for others you can wake up feeling very tired. This can feel heavy and perhaps you will have a painful awakening. Trust that there is help and guidance from the angelic realms.

Mercury will be in conjunction with the GALACTIC CENTER enter over the next few days. THE SUN CONJUNCTS THE GALACTIC CENTER once a year only on Dec 19-20. This is a perfect opportunity to meditate in that void in the Yoniverse’s centre. Much guidance can be downloaded now.

Moon squares CHIRON in PISCES in the early morning

which can make us feel sensitive compassionate and empathetic. 

SAGE Moon trines URANUS in ARIES

its still early in the day. This is a brilliant flash of insight from out of nowhere, trust your instincts. be bold, brave and lead your group to new heights of awareness. This is a very high spirited rebellious energy. Go dancing or work it out in the gym. 


When major planets especially the Great Luminary the SUN connects with any planet it is the most powerful. SUN square NEPTUNE is a challenge to work with and accept the brilliant spiritual Light. No matter how dark, gloomy, dismal, or down we may think the world is, this conjunction helps us go through all the darkness to reconnect with the Light which is the essence of everything. 

In the TAROT  THE SUN is #19                              NEPTUNE or PISCES is the MOON #18                                                                                                   

Tarot of the SUN                                                                   Tarot Card of PISCES/Neptune

Neptune is the veil which covers and protects our eyes from gazing directly at the Light. These two energies are compatible. Use this time for spiritual work, meditating on the Divine Light within every atom of existence. Write a poem of gratitude for your life, say prayers, do a dance for Spirit, make an imperfect offering to the light. We are still in New Moon effluence, sit quietly in prayer and receive before setting new intentions.

Moon conjuncts MERCURY which is passing over the GALACTIC CENTER

Today and the 1st. This is a perfect opportunity to meditate in that void in the Yoniverse’s centre. Much guidance can be downloaded now. Connect with your oversoul, your guardian angels and higher master teachers. 

DECEMBER Will be an HUGE month. HUGE! especially around Christmas time and right on New Years as well. I can’t believe the year is almost over.

I will post a DECEMBER outline here tomorrow. 

Dec 1 CHIRON turns direct for the first time since JUNE 27! 

The whole world has been doing unseen invisible healing work and bleeding internally and healing for all of these months. Now it is time to let the wounds show. To share and redress our wounds. More about this.

MARS in AQUARIUS is gearing up to trine JUPITER on the 1st @ 16 degrees LIBRA

This is a NICE AIRY Aspect which is great for seeing the bigger picture, expanding peoples minds and social circles. If you’re a GEMINI and have planets at 16 degrees + or minus 3 degrees, be prepared for chaos, big changes, big picture flashes of brilliance and the need for freedom.


You are having your JUPITER RETURN within the next few days Donald. This happens once every 12 years on average and is considered one of the most beneficial transits to have. The MARS JUPITER TRINE is exactly on your natal JUPITER in LIBRA at 17 degrees and trine to your natal URANUS at 17 degrees GEMINI! That’s an exact GRAND AIR TRINE. This give you the SUPER POWERS of the royal gift of the gab that runneth over, brilliant outsider insights, chaos, freedom, speedy energy, and change.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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