Daily Inspiration, Castro and more

Its Nov. 26 Moon entered Scorpio early today where we encounter, death, change, transformation and deep shadows and emotions. We get soulful. Its Venus and Pluto and JUPITER in a tight T-square of valuable soul riches versus superficial values. Women’s depth strength and values must be brought in to bring peace, balance and creativity. 

Castro astrology Tara Greene

Fidel Castro died last night at age 90. My family and I visited Cuba about 6 years ago. Canada has always had open relations with Cuba and it was mainly Canadian, European and South American tourists who have vacationed there since they opened to tourism and 49% foreign investments as a way to survive after the fall of Russia in the early 1990’s.  We are very aware of the communist suppression going on and the poverty yet compared to the illiteracy, total poverty, and the difficult feudal impoverished lives Cubans had pre-Revolution they seemed to be doing quite well. We found the Cubans to be quite amazing people, very proud with great spirits. The problem is with free education and health care they have no room to expand. Doctors made less money than those who worked in Hotels. There were police or security guards watching out for everything all the time.  Now there are cell phone and I don’t know what it is like since Americans have been allowed in freely. It felt like it was the safest place I had ever been.  We loved it. 

I was wondering what the astrology chart of a man who had single-handedly fought against America, and at such a close range, and then survived the collapse of Russia and had outlived 638 assassination attempts looked like. So here it is. 

Fidel Castro astrology Tara Greene

The great Communist leader and dictator would of course have to be a LEO, with JUPITER Retrograde in AQUARIUS expanding the higher ideals of the planet of revolution, freedom, and staunch-no backing down, opposite to his naturally the leader Sun. Mercury Retrograde in Leo too. Someone who brings REvolution and redistributes policies. NEPTUNE was also in LEO conjunct to VESTA and his SUN. CASTRO was an idealist, a dreamer, of redistributing the wealth.

Castro was the son of a wealthy landowner, and studied law before creating  a band of fellow revolutionaries to overthrow Batista, Cuba’s dictator who had extensive links to the American mafia and other business interests.

This is an accurate birth time and his Moon was in LIBRA the sign or rebalancing and justice. With Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus conjunct to Chiron, Castro really loved his Motherland. He felt her pain and the people’s suffering deeply. He was motivated by altruistic ideals. 

CASTRO’s GEMINI ASCENDANT at the last degree conjunct the POLE STAR

This gives anyone with this aspect incredible charisma, the natural leader, the hub of all. CAstro was an incredible speaker, a salesman who could charm and convince anyone. His speeches are legendary. He has the record for the longest modern speech ever, 7+ hours. He also had this dual nature. Some saw him as a proud papa leadership others his totalitarian dictator side. 


Scorpio is secrets, crime, the Mafia, laundered money, power, absolute control, stealth, the ability to analyze in great depth, death and rebirth. Castro survived 638 assassination attempts on his life through poisoning, exploding cigars by the CIA numerous times, the mafia,and ex-lovers. “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.”said Castro. A SUN in LEO Jupiter in AQUARIUS Saturn in SCORPIO T-square would certainly enable anyone to be so strong willed, so detached, so fearless, that they would be pretty much immortal and immune to anything that came at them. 

Also Castro had his NORTH NODE at 15 CANCER conjunct to SIRIUS the immortal and brightest star, conjunct to his NATAL PLUTO exact, squaring his MOON in LIBRA. This is such a KARMIC fated aspect. Very rarely do PLUTO and the NORTH NODE and SIRIUS connect. CASTRO definitely had the mark of being a significant world leader and life changer of millions of people. 

His VENUS in CANCER formed a GRAND WATER TRINE with SATURN in SCORPIO and URANUS in PISCES at 28+ degrees

Yes the grandfather of the Revolution for sure. ONe who wielded total power and control The iron fist in the kid glove.Even though millions of Cubans fled his totalitarian regime Castro brought social security, food, better life expectancy and infant mortality rates to his people. He really felt like he was the benefactor and Good father. URANUS in PISCES at the almost last degree of the Zodiac is very interesting. Indicating Castro was one of the last of his kind and almost completed his karmic incarnations in this lifetime. He was always a controversial figure. 

CASTRO’s death had been talked about for years. His health had been failing since 2008. At his death, it was a good death. Chiron in PISCES right on his MC, the place of worldly fame. The PLUTO- JUPITER- VENUS T-squares exactly on his North and South NODES.  Jupiter and the Moon right on his Natal Moon. He was going to a higher place and back to source which he came in from. An exalted death. Very regal. 

I am not condoning or putting him down. May he RIP. It will be interesting to see how his brother Raoul handles the country. With a recent opening with the U.S. the question is, with Trump vowing to shut down everything Obama did, will he close up the doors with Cuba? Or will Trump see this as a golden opportunity to put up some new hotels in Cuba?

May he RIP. History will tell. As he famously said himself “Condemn me it does not matter History will absolve me. “

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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