Tarot Video spread for Thanksgiving,

Hi wishing America a very happy thanksgiving. Remember to really help where it is needed. 

The #NoDAPL indigenous people can really use your support. 


This is a  very powerful thanksgiving. 

The Jupiter PLUTO square is EXACT today. 

Expanding our sense of balance is what Jupiter in LIBRA is bringing us. Jupiter amps up PLUTO’s death, destruction, rebirth and renewal urgency.  It may not look pretty, but we need to be vigilantly aware of what is transpiring. Jupiter in LIBRA wants it to look NICE at all costs. That  can be a huge mistake. Libra’s downside is being toooo superficial, all social, all surface, no substance, all social media, indecisive, wants it both ways. 

PLUTO is the total opposite of Jupiter in Libra. Pluto is destruction, the END, death, dissolution, Its is SCORPIO energy, radiative waste, nuclear bombs, toxic spills,

The End, astrology, Tara Greene

Fukushima. Pluto is what we are terrified of. The secret parts of ourselves and the way the world works that we don’t want to see. Pluto is the destruction of the EGO, in death and “the little death,” during orgasm. Pluto is the necessary force of decay which must precede life and vice versa. 

Tomorrow Venus conjuncts PLUTO a day of changing our values

There can be big market shakedowns. Venus rules women, values, money, beauty, it is conservative. Pluto is the Plutocracy. What do we value? Pluto is death, We can’t take any of our wealth with us. So what is worth anything? Only Love and kindness. 

Here’s my quick three card Tarot spread for you for Thanksgiving.

Many Blessings

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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