Sagittarius,tempering the opposites, daily card

Sun enters SAGITTARIUS on the 21st this year @ 1:22 pm PDT/ 4:22 pm EST/9:22 pm GMT. A bit early this year, usually its on the 22nd. The horse is hot to trot and  chomping at the bit.

Sagittarius, Astrology Tara Greene

Mercury is already in Sagittarius and will conjunct SATURN on Nov .23 to underscore the serious truths that need to be used to guide, inspire and to bring justice. There will be mucho litigation, in the next year and a bit with Saturn in Sagittarius. 

The Dakota Access Pipeline may finally see a stop. Indigenous people have been water cannon bombed this past night, stuck on a bridge in 23 degree weather with no life saving emergency services. This is all illegal. Call the governor to protest this shameful action towards the indigenous people’s. The world is watching although major news outlets are hardly covering this story. Major banks are pulling out their financing. 

There will be a SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON at 7+degrees  on the 29th which is also my birthday. More about that soon. 

MERCURY crosses the GALACTIC Center on the 29th – Dec 1st. 

Tune into that galactic message over those couple of days.

On Dec 9th the Sun in Sag. will sextile its planetary ruler JUPITER, a very nice occasion for celebration, making merry and falling for some exotic, learned, comedic, Sagittarius. Plan your travels, or educational goals now.

Have a happy SAGITTARIUS party. Just all Sag themes. Everyone in horse costumes. Lots of laughs. 

Tell me what you love or can’t stand about Sagittarius.

Sun conjuncts SATURN in SAG. on the 10th  

a very serious hangover from the frolicking parties of the night before. LOL 

Sagittarius is MYSTICAL, philosophical, adaptable, a teacher and traveller and wants FREEDOM. 


As a double Sagittarius myself, with Mercury there too, who was also born on a New Moon and whose ancestry through my fathers’s side is Romanian, this energy flows through my veins and I know in my very atoms. It is said that Sagittarius often feel like gypsies in that they are always roaming. It is the sign of mystics too. 

SAGITTARIUS is the last of the fire signs and the word is the derivative of SAGE. A masculine, mutable sign of truth, justice, optimism, good humor, questing and questioning. Sagittarius is half  human, half horse, the Centaur. Sagittarius is about conquering the animal instincts and aiming the mind higher, towards the Galactic Center of Sagittarius. Sagittarius expands our spiritual natures, our inquisitiveness, loves to travel, to know, to discover, and for adventure.  Sagittarius are often preachers, religious leaders, and can be hypocrites. Sagittarius governs politics, and the higher laws. Sagittarius is a sign of ascension. Sagittarius rules the liver, the largest organ in the body, the hips and thighs.While Saturn is in Sagittarius, your liver may act up.

Inspirational daily card

The sign of SAGITTARIUS is The Tarot Card #14 traditionally called TEMPERANCE 

tarot card Temperance Tara Greene

THOTH TAROT card of Temperance called ART or ALCHEMY

The 14th card usually shows an angel tempering the opposites so that they become interchangeable and new. In the Thoth Tarot it is the symbol of alchemy transmuting one metal or substance into the other. It is shown as the masculine and feminine becoming the other. This is the symbol called the SACRED MARRIAGE. 

Use this SAGITTARIUS month to work that alchemical marriage within yourself. 

CHIRON, the wounded healer is also a Centaur, not the constellation of Sagittarius but Centaurus, where the ancient one  was immortalized. Chiron in Greek Mythology was a civilized centaur, the son of Chronos or Saturn, he was immortal, a Titan. Chiron was  much respected and loved, a learned astrologer, healer, teacher of the lyre, an ancient instrument used in sound healing,who served many great Greek heroes.  

Chiron in the astrology chart represents a comet with a 50 year orbit discovered on November  1, 1977 and named for the Greek mythic hero. Chiron will turns direct DECEMBER 1 @20+ degrees Pisces after travelling Retrograde since june 27th at 25+ degrees PISCES.  Note if you have planets at this degree for a shift in energies. YOu may be called upon to direct healing out into the world too.

As CHIRON turns direct,all of the unconscious and spiritual healing that has been going on begins to be seen on the outer levels and planes. Direct the inner healing energy out to the world which greavely needs that spiritual compassionate Oneness and taste of the Bliss that we are all one. 

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