The Big aspects now, HUGE,

SATURN, the principle of reality, KARMA, the hard, cold, maturing planet, the stern macho Patriarch of time, ageing and testing is in a semi-sextile, a 30-degree angle to PLUTO, the Planet of Plutocrats, the soul, the collective unconscious and the shadows @ 15+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS and CAPRICORN respectively.

Zeus by the gryph tara greene astrology

ZEUS/ the KING/ JUPITER/  by the gryph

This is a lesser known division of aspects we’re dealing with but with two biggies here any aspects carry a stronger meaning.

We need to look at the power that has just been unleashed by Mr. D. T-rump I call him. Kind of like a T-Rex, a dinosaur. Maybe we should call him Mr. T.

We  are seeing the limitations and restrictions of History- all Saturn, and power mongers -Pluto throughout history who attempted to be restrictive to races or religions.  Saturn is about reality and loss. Also about building structures. Saturn is the architect, as in Buddhism. 

The Neptune Saturn square which was the signature of 2016 was all about the unseen, invisible, the secrets in the closet and the Karma associated with ignoring these ghosts and shadows. The delusions, illusions, obfuscations.

It feels for many like we have been rudely awaken from a dream but are now  living in a nightmare.


Expanding the restrictions and the realities of those as well. Jupiter in Libra, you think it would be about making peace, but in the past 12 year cycles, going back to the first world war ,whenever Jupiter is in Libra dictators take over! Check that out.

Jupiter rules humor. There is a movement in America to support Planned Parenthood and let that evil penny -worth person, you know who I mean get the message. Women are donating money to P and putting the donation in Mike P’s name which I think is the most brilliant thing I’ve heard of in a long time. The downside is he gets the Tax deduction, will he claim it? 

RELATIONSHIPS are kind of hot and cold under this Jupiter-Saturn sextile which is also moving into a JUPITER -PLUTO square  on Nov. 24 @ 15+ degrees LIBRA/CAPRICORN and THAT IS a real biggie.

The JUPITER/ PLUTO Square reignites the Cardinal Crosses from 2015. Jupiter in LIBRA is about rebalancing Justice so expect a lot of litigation a lot of fighting against the Powers in corporate control now. This is Donald Trump and his minions now so this story has a different narrative now. You could encapsulate it down to Equality or Power over.  

Jupiter in LIBRA is about rebalancing Justice. Expect a lot, a ton,  of litigation, a lot of fighting against the powers in corporate control now. From the NWO against Mr. Trump who ironically is liberating us or trying to against the Big Banks. Good luck. This is Donald Trump and his minions now so this story has a different narrative. You could encapsulate it down to Equality vs Power over.  Who’s power and whose justice?

JUPITER in LIBRA is conjunct U.S. Natal SATURN in the 10th house of worldly fame.

A Jupiter- Saturn conjunction by transit is seen as a positive thing. Jupiter in the 10th is beneficial for the U.S. status in the world, it is expansive and optimistic. Jupiter in the 10th symbolizes the king, the ruler, he is bombastic, throws his weight around and throws lightning bolts. Remember zeus was a philandering, rapist just like Trump. The conjunction to Saturn means that optimism is restricted and restrictive. Saturn is stern, hard, cold, mature, conservative, a Patriarch, a “good old boy, “locker room talk.” etc. Jupiter/ The King can rule with an iron fist by his own authority regardless of what anyone else thinks. Jupiter in Libra is the sign of karma, sacred law, beyond human laws. Striving for balance is difficult under this aspect.

Pluto in CAPRICORN in the 2nd house opposite the U.S. SUN at 13+ degrees CANCER.

The Power is conservative, PLUTOCRATIC. Pluto in the 2nd house can bring death and change in economics. The 2nd house is the house of   resources. Resources will be changing drastically.

Expect more ch-ch-ch-changes ahead. Gotta watch out for Donald The Plutocrat.

look at where these 2 planets will square off in your natal chart to see where you too can be king and conqueror in your own world. 

THE U.S. Chiron its weak wounded spot, is at 20 degrees ARIES which URANUS is sitting near at now. That alone would have explained a huge shift in Politics. URANUS in ARIES- revolts of all kinds. People are revolting against NWO, democrats revolting against Repubs, Repubs revolting against their own. 

The JUPITER-PLUTO square exacerbates the wound. It rubs more salt in it. This aspect will be increasing in size and depth and pain as Jupiter moves forwards and as Pluto does too. The next couple of years will be pivotal in America’s history.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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