Wake up from the dream, 11/19

The LEO MOON is opposite MARS in AQUARIUS 11/19
Let the revolution BEGIN with a roar.
Octobriana, Astrology, tara Greene
Octobriana by Marychain Deviant Art a Russian underground comic 
Say it loud and proud and dance it in the streets people.
The Moon makes challenging aspects to VENUS and NEPTUNE.
Women will threaten that Machismo and Alt-white-power illusions. Pop those macho/bible thumpers phallic balloons of superiority and self-righteousness. Wow I actually had a dream about that. I just remembered!
Leo moon trines MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS
speak your passion, your heart truth and to hell with whoever feels insulted by it.
Neptune turns Direct Astrology Tara Greene
yes bring on the tough hard love that’s what Venus in Capricorn wants. And some of us are feeling like Rip Van Winkle just awoke from a dream and it now feels like we are living in a nightmare.
NEPTUNE turning direct now means we must act on our dreams. WAKE UP!
Do note your dreams for the next while. Things that have been brewing unconsciously will come up to the surface now.
this aspect is helping us to find ways and means to achieve balance, in these insanely reactive times. Jupiter in LIBRA wants everything to be NICE! and is probably getting an ulcer what with JUNO spacecraft staring down his cheating neck. 
Relationships are start and stop now  aren’t they?
LEO moon sextiles JUPITER and inconjuncts PLUTO
The old LION moon gets more help by playing fair than by accosting the Powers that pretend to be directly. Leo Moon is dramatic so be mindful  that your passion for living life large doesn’t attract some aggressive Neo-Nazi- they seem to be slithering out from the walls these days. Even up here in Canada as a result of Trump uncorking some vile shadows. 
The Saturn-Pluto semi-sextile and more in another article. 
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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 Burning Down the House- Talking Heads


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