Numerology guidance 2016, completion, #9

With all the negativity, fear, anger, racism, misogyny, white supremacy, blaming, bombings and demonstrations going on not just in America but all over the world. I feel we need to turn to the Numerology symbol and base number for 2016 for wisdom and advice now. The Hermit, Tarot Arcana #9.The Hermit Tarot Tara Greene

The Alchemical Tarot 

2016 is governed by the symbol of The Hermit. The number 9 is a symbol of completion. Nine is a magical number which always reduces to itself. The Hermit is associated with the Astrology sign of VIRGO, the 6th sign, of earth, mutability, discipline, health, accounting and work, budgets, economics, harvest, food,  health, digestion, frugality, perfectionism, and worry. 

The HERMIT in itself, is a mysterious figure, traditionally shown as a hooded sage or wisdom seeker.  Hermist were religious seekers in all religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam -Sufism and Taoism, living an ascetic form of life. The Hermit is solitary, living alone secluded in the woods, a cave, crossing the desert as Jesus did for 40 days, or Superman who had his Fortress of Solitude, or anyone seeking  inner wisdom, and new perspectives of the heart and soul. The Hermit symbolizes the quest for inner wisdom. 

Periodically we need to take time out, to ground ourselves. To seek within for the answers as we know the end of a cycle is ending.  We have been living under the Hermit’s light and influence all of this year which is quickly drawing to a close. We can see the themes that the Hermit has brought up to our awareness. 

The Hermit always holds up a lamp. The lamp shines in the darkness, it gives us comfort, security, protection and guidance. The lamp is a symbol of the Inner light that the Hermit possesess. This archetypal figure can be seen as an outer guide holding up the light of hope and faith { Virgo is the opposite pole to Pisces}  guiding us out of the darkness when we feel lost, clueless, alone, rejected and abandoned. 

To be alone is a powerful initiation, to learn to be able to live by oneself, to learn to trust and be self sustaining and mature is part of the Hermit’s lessons. Being alone and learning to like one’s own company is a prime spiritual practice and necessary to having an honest well balanced love relationship. If you are afraid to be alone, you must face that shadow that fear. What are you afraid of? YOu need to ask yourself these questions and learn to be strong. In an overly busy distracting world of constant information, the need to go within and tune all that racket out is more important than ever, This is the whole point of doing yoga, to find the inner silence and the inner light.

The dark is the place of all birthings, all creativity, it is the void, the emptiness of the mind which the Mercury Ruled Hermit is seeking. We need to go into the the dark as a source of nourishment and security. We all lived in the dark in our mother’s wombs before being born into this world. It is the place where you felt the most secure, loved, cared for, and closest to spirit. 

Years ago I did an amazing experiential workshop on Tarot which was led by a British born, physicist, 32nd degree Mason and student of the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche, the first Westerner to be recognized by the Dalai Lama. In the 3 day intensive workshop we experiences each of the 22 archetypes of the Major Arcana. I particularly remember the Hermit. The workshop was held in the country at a rustic Buddhist retreat centre.  We were outside in the forest at night. The Hooded figure of the Hermit appeared with his candle lit lamp to light our way. It was a very touching scene. I felt the Hermit to be silent, wise, benevolent and his lamp light to be a source of real protection.

So go within now to find stability, new direction and to find the answers. If you don’t find what you seek within you will never find it without. The Lamp is your own inner wisdom, you always have it lit. It is your spirits life force, the soul’s burning passion to be alive. Listen to your body’s wisdom as well. Be humble, do the practical things that need to be done. 

This is a year of completion. Finish off what you started 9-10  years ago in 2007, the last #9 year.  

2017 is a universal #1 year. The MAGICIAN, the symbol of Mercury. A dualistic sign, everything will be new again. 2008 was a number 1 year as well. The market had a huge crash back then. Think about sowing seeds of magical thoughts and intentions for the next 9 year cycle, till 2025 which will be a huge huge shift in the world’s consciousness. I’ll write about 2017 soon, I’m still meditating on it.

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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A beautiful video about the Tarot from the polymath Alejandro Jodorowsky

The Inner Light by George Harrison, The Beatles

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