The fundamentals, lots of Gemini

Nov. 15

The Moon is in Gemini giving us a lighter state of mind. Gemini’s dualism helps us to see both sides of the issue. With Jupiter in LIBRA for the rest of 2016 and into the fall of 2017, every time the Moon or a planet enters an AIR sign, JUPITER will enhance and inflate that idea. 

Gemini Moon is the sign of duality, symbolizing the mind. In the Tarot Gemini is the sign associated with the LOVERS. As much as a conundrum that may seem the duality is necessary to balance everything out.

GEMINI is the sign of the LOVERS in the TAROT 

Gemini astrology Tara Greene

Medieval depiction of the Archetypal feuding Twins

Moon is inconjunct to Venus in CAPRICORN and opposes MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS

in the wee hours EDT and GMT

Practical matters may seem quite oppressive with no easy solutions in sight. Sleep on it. The super moon exerts a more powerful influence tonight and tomorrow so you may be feeling restless.  These aspects can also affect your dreams too of course. Expect Mercury in Sagittarius to bring on dreams of traveling, wide open spaces, debating, changing locations, or being taught lessons by higher master teachers, who may not appear that way at the time.


GEMINI Moon trines MARS in AQUARIUS and later JUPITER in LIBRA 

Grand Air Trine Astrology Tara Greene


The GRAND AIR TRINE opens our minds and has us talking fast-tongued as it sets new ideas into overdrive. Watch your caffeine intake today as you will already be rapidly firing all those neural synapses today anyways.
The Grand Air Trine brings lightning fast insights and a radical, freedom of speech revolution onto the airwaves. This energy is great for a think tank. Make sure you record any new ideas into your notebooks. This aspect is great for salespeople, generating new leads, and connecting with like-minded thinkers.  This super airy energy can also make it difficult to find mental balance. It will all pass like the wind. 
If you are an AIR SIGN or have airy planets at 10-16 degrees this aspect benefits you greatly. You could accomplish a lot in a short time.
Make good use of the Airy detachment to view the global daily dramas and intensity from a higher consciousness perspective. 
GEMINI Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES inconjuncts PLUTO throughout the day
This aspect depicts the battle between the new Neo-Nazi Conservative Trumpocracy and the idealistic, inclusive, spiritual, those in denial, delusional. Many Democrats and liberals, and even less conservative Republicans are seeing how treacherous and deluded this Trump win is for the liberals, women, LGBT, Immigrants, and the climate. Do not let hopelessness set in. This is a challenge to follow your spiritual beliefs and speak out against any injustices. 
The planet of the mind and communications makes it easy for the left wing, radical, freedom loving tribe to make its voice heard. Yes get out there and protest against this TRUMPageddon. There are dark days ahead people, you must put your money where your mouth is if you want to have freedom of the press, freedom to protest and any freedom if you are not a right wing reactionary with rifles. Trump just appointed the Breitbart alt-right,proudly  racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist Steve Bannon as his chief strategist.
Finally, Gemini Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius
Take the high road, see where the goal is. Get educated, Saturn in Sagittarius is legal, philosophical, historical precedents.  This is a sobering end to the day where you can sit down and sort it all out. 
You may be mentally exhausted and then exhilarated at days end.
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