Sun conjunct Lilith trine Chiron, compassion for the shadows.

The Sun has been conjunct to Mean LILITH is Scorpio the last couple of days and is now separating.

Lilith,Goddess of death, Astrology, Tara Greene

Lilith is the Dark Goddess, the rejected shadow feminine side of the Goddess who is the natural counterpart to the birth giving, unconditionally loving Mother Goddess who is called the Shekinah. Both are absolutely necessary archetypal parts of God/the Light’s dual Feminine side as outlined in the Kabbalah. Lilith is like KALI and is the destructing part of nature. Destruction and death are the opposite poles which balance life and rebirth. 
We can see these qualities coming up very strongly in the past couple of days. The collective shadows of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia and of all of our shadows that have been rejected by us, are now coming up fully into the light. Which is good, when shadows are hidden they are operating unconsciously. Better the devils you know than the ones that you don’t. Any “holier-than-thou spirituality, religion or belief- system has its shadow. This is simply a balance. These shadows may appear to be pretty ugly, dangerous, life-threatening, devouring, evil and are thus rejected. No matter how light, good,or religious, you think you are you have a dark shadow which appears outside of yourself as an “other” but that “other” is still an aspect of yourself. It is in allowing, an opening up to and asking, “what is the positive intention of this shadow aspect?” can it be healed. Shadows are always wounded aspects of ourselves.  My old teacher Stuart Wilde used to say you must fight the demons/shadows but with love. The light does not fight the dark directly. Wwe must be careful of the polarization that is so strong now.

Especially with LILITH in Scorpio, the themes of revenge, power and control, secrets,and obsessions are fuelling all the rage from both sides.  Young millennials are starting riots to protest Trumps misogyny. Hate graffiti, KKK meetings and white supremacy graffiti is appearing. That is all horrific.

We must honor Lilith for speaking her truth and refusing to be dominated sexually by Adam because iwe are all meant to be equal. Use Lilith’s energy to fight and defend yourself against tyranny.

VENUS is at the last degree of SAGITTARIUS today where her love beauty and passion are fused with SAGE wisdom. She reminds us to Love the Truth, to love freedom, love searching for higher wisdom, intelligence and embodying our own spiritual quest through self-knowledge and through love.

Venus enters CAPRICORN tonight. Where she is earthy hard working, focussed on the goals of women climbing to the tops of the mountains. 

MERCURY enters the last critical degrees of SCORPIO today

The mirror of Venus being at the last critical degree of Sagittarius and Mercury being at the last degree of Scorpio reminds us to analyze our current thoughts from the depths of our psyches. Mercury in Scorpio gives us X-Ray vision to see through all the illusions, to see bravely to the roots of the darkest darkness and to find the light in the dark. This is all good, better to see the shadows than to be ignorant, in denial or caught unawares.

Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS Nov.12th@ 6:40 am PST/ 9:40 am. EST/2:40 pm GMT.

Our thinking and communications must be bottom line honesty even if it hurts other people’s feelings. I know Jupiter is in LIBRA, so we may be able to watch out tongues before we put our hooves in our mouths. 

signing off now

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