Reactionary U.S. Retrograde Progressed Mars

I guess I had been out of the loop all day reading at a Fundraising Charity event for the United Way and then at my daughter’s High School Graduation this evening. So I come home and find all of this gobbledygook from Trump’s minion’s and the bible belters accusing Hillary of being a STANANIST?????

Because Hillary’s adviser Howard Podesta got an invite to an ART PERFORMANCE by world famous artist Marina Abramovic’s “spirit dinners” which supposedly consisted of Horrors Breast milk and sperm.  Those are ancient archetypal symbols of the feminine and the masculine and symbols of fertility, they even had to drag Aleister Crowley’s name into it of course. 

Now the levels of insanity are going to drown the Titanic. Who put the LSD in the kool-aid at the Church stump for Trump?  OMG These right wing conservatives are certifiably insane.  They are so stupid and gullible. This kind of witch hunting makes me really mad. 

Yes I have read about the Rockefellers’ the Queen, the Bildenburgers, the topper most of the top peeps who do satanic rituals Sacrifice children etc. Is is true? Maybe… If you are totally into power and control, you have totally sold your soul to the devil which just means Saturn/ Satan, the material world. I mean the Nazi’s were obsessed with this. 

I spent 5 years in Art College from 1971 when performance and conceptual art were just beginning to take off. I understand Marina Abramovic’s use of these  symbols. They are common archetypal and ancient tantric symbols. They are used to transcend the material world in actuality. 

The concept of the Devil and their counterpart witches was created by the Catholic Church anyways. They turned their own demonic pursuit of control of everybody and everything into a shadow projection onto the simple pagan, nature worshippers. The God Pan was worshipped in ancient times as the Goddesses consort and as a fertility god, to impregnate the Goddess to ensure life would continue. The Church knew the power of sexuality as a direct expression of connection to the Goddess and God force energies. They wanted to stop all of that.  All of the demonic upside down pentagrams were never used by authentic pagans. The Church used them to stop the pagans. The church leaders were the devil incarnate, they are satanic.  Then they killed almost 9 million innocent people the majority 80% were women as witches, and then stole their property. 

Fourth of July Tara Greene

Don’t get me started on a 21st Century Witch burning. 

This kind of behaviour made me think of the U.S.’s progressed astrology chart which has MARS the planet of the men, war, sex, aggression, and defences now RETROGRADE since July 19, 2006,  @ 18 degrees 42 minutes of Libra in the U.S.’s 10th house of worldly reputation.   


It is a technique where planets move forwards, are progressed in a system that counts 1 day for a year. It is used with a natal chart to see how a person, country or business is growing and changing. Progressions also include planets turning Retrograde. This technique gives us another hidden access to WTF is going on here.

If Mars is the action planet then Mars moving backwards or Retrograde is a REACTION. If one is reactive one is not “at cause” one is “at the effects of” something else. 

I would  see all of these behaviours, platforms and anti-defensive shutdowns of the borders rhetoric of Donald Trump as stemming from the Nations’ collective REACTIONARY state, very literally. It explains so much to me.  

Also NOTE the U.S. progressed SUN  entered PISCES!!! on Halloween- speaking of witches, in 2004. The Progressed SUN the will, life force and identity of the U.S. is delusional, in denial, is addicted to unreality and believes in false gurus, saviours, redemption, addicted to religion,food, cell phones, drugs, Hollywood, money, oil, glamour, BIG PHARMA, etc.  in PISCES. 

U.S. election outcome Astrology TAra Greene

The U.S. Natal, progressed and transit chart for Nov. 8. 2016

This is an incredibly powerful chart to use to see why this election is so crazy. 

The Progressed U.S. Sun is @ 12 degrees PISCES squaring the Natal Ascendant at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS which is conjunct to transiting SATURN at 14 degrees Sag. This indicates a fog over the land. Saturn in Sagittarius is a traditional conservative but Sun in Pisces indicates some fishiness. There is compassion, delusion  but also sleight of hand. The  P. Sun is conjunct to transiting Neptune and the South Node. Delusions anyone? 

The  P. Sun is conjunct to transiting Neptune and the South Node which indicates a movement to the past which is projected as “heavenly” or whole. Delusions anyone? 

The U.S. Progressed MOON- the people’s mood is @ 8 degrees SAGITTARIUS exactly being squared by Transitting NEPTUNE and the NODES This is such a FATED time.

The Progressed MOON, the unconscious is exactly opposite to the U.S.’s natal URANUS @ 8 degrees GEMINI. Which is also being squared by the NODES and NEPTUNE. Yes we want a change, freedom and revolution but Who knows WTF end is up?

The U.S. Moon is conjunct to transiting SATURN @ 14 degrees Sagittarius and the US Ascendant at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS. The Moon is in the 12th house of unconsciousness and projection, endings, delusions but on the Ascendant, the persona and mask. Progressed MARS at 18 degrees LIBRA

Progressed MARS @ 18 degrees LIBRA in the U.S. 10th house of worldly fame is also conjunct to Natal Saturn @ 14 degrees LIBRA and transiting JUPITER @ 12 degrees LIBRA. This is a karmic battle between restriction and expansion, should I stay or should I go? Jupiter is the planet of humour, foreigners, and laws. Saturn with Mars is the restrictive, Patriarchal, macho, Old Boys, “we’ll knock ’em out.” Trump style to a  T. 

Transiting Pluto at 15 Capricorn is squaring RetroPro Mars,Saturn, and JUPITER. 

Pluto  in Capricorn is the PLUTOCRACY.  On the one hand Hillary is that 1% but so is Trump even if he is “independent.” His casinos and his buildings are usually tied to the Mafia. There is a battle going to be fought, and it will be HUGE as Donald says. HUGE!  No  matter what side wins- America is set to go through an internal battle with its  own shadows. 

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with this.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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The Artists statement of Marina Abramovic

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3 thoughts on “Reactionary U.S. Retrograde Progressed Mars

  1. last of clinton emails leaked.”In some cases, Budowsky advises Podesta on Clinton’s strategic steps.

    “I would propose that in the near future, Hillary give a short speech in front of the Statue of Liberty to invited religious leaders, Hispanic activists and immigration supporters and say that the Pope and religious leaders are right, and the US should accept a significant number of refugees now inundating Europe,” he wrote. “Bill and Chelsea could be by her side and there should not be one partisan word about Donald Trump or others.”

    For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. For the body is not one member, but many. — 1 Corinthians 12:12-14

    The answer is the pope of rome is the false christ along with leaders of islam. The refugges should not be accepted. 2012 was the end of false religious leaders. The mindset of islam and the religious teachings were to change as the messenger arrived. But the messenger has not spoken so the mindset of islam has not changed hence the reason why refugges should not be accepted. Arch angel gabriel is part of the one body who created man and women. FOR THE BODY IS NOT ONE MEMBER BUT MANY. therefore the statement comes from jesus and the messenger is here to confirm what is truth. Thou shall not kill nor participate. Lets all start with that! When the truth comes out everyone assends. God has sent many messengers all with different messages to deal with earths reality AT THAT TIME. Then their was peace.

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  2. My take on the US shadow which I agree this is what this is all about:
    Even though the Obamas are dark skinned they stood in the light. Brought us beauty and grace. They are hard to replace so we grieve. From that dark sad place we are asked to choose their replacements. Nothing no one looks good enough so we pick on Hillary
    As a cancereaian country it’s easy to become victims and victimized. Time to grow up embrace that powerful Pluto in Capricorn scary very adult place.
    Just saying

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