Scorpio throwdown this week, love and danger

Mercury enters Scorpio Oct 24  -November 12.

The messenger trickster joins the sun, it’s obsessive thinking, messaging, sexting, sending “the looks that could kill” at your enemy. 

Alchemy Mercury astrology Tara Greene

Our brains, our thinking our minds are hardwired into FIXED mode. We are into sex, power, money, death, wealth. The big essentials. Please pay attention to the criminal behavior of the North Dakota Police to indigenous peoples peacefully protesting the DAP. They are pepper spraying, beating and arresting hundreds. The DAP is illegal and against EPA laws. The company and the N. Dakota government are colluding.

We are heading into the U.S. presidential election final leg there is only 15 days to go. This is a very very intense, SCORPIO’s- middle name week to add to it all.

Oct 24

The Moon is in LEO on MONDAY morning entering VIRGO in the evening to bring us some groundedness. 


Venus trine neptune

this is a BEAUTIFUL but also hard SPIRITUAL LA LA LAND aspect. The dreamy over the rainbow, feet off the ground, stars in your eyes energy.

This energy is extremely good for artists, doing all kinds of creative work, and visualizations, especially near water and combining the fire element. Do be very careful not to be too spaced out as is the nature of this aspect. The challenge is to tell the truth, be honest and create intimacy, not fantasy projections

And do be especially careful about doing any kind of medication, drugs, alcohol and no mixing that stuff either. WOMEN be on high alert for date rape under this aspect. The Moon will be in Virgo opposite Neptune which helps you to stay grounded and foccussed.

Oct 27

Moon enters LIBRA where you are supposed to be all nice. 

SUN and MERCURY CONJUNCT on the 27th @ 4+ degrees SCORPIO

If you haven’t heard a shitload of insults from Donald Trump boy he will pile them higher than the Tower of Babel. 

Donald Trump/Babel, tara Greene

VENUS in SAG squares the NORTH NODE of the MOON @ 11+ degrees VIRGO

this is a very karmic aspect and deals with choices. I will write more later.

OCT. 28 

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES to make for some difficult dreams

conjuncts JUPITER sextiles VENUS and SATURN  and squares

which is a very nice wonderful romantic dates and dinner night for serious elegance

and Moon squares PLUTO igniting cardinal crosses

MARS in CAPRICORN SQUARES URANUS in ARIES @ 21+ degrees night PDT/ Oct 29 EDT/GMT *****

9:05 pm PDT/ Oct 29@ 12:05 am  EDT/4:05 am GMT *****

Mars square Uranus Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Water color by Napoleon Brousseau

another cosmically shaky day. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Volcanoes, earthquakes, explosions, terrorist attacks, crazy drivers, wars starting, explosions.  Maybe an even bigger CRAZY INTERNET HACK or sunspot CME, Cardinal cross energy. This is heavy.

Oct 29 

VENUS conjuncts SATURN @ 14+ degrees on GREAT ATTRACTOR

WOW! Love and karmic truth coming from the greatest attraction center we know of in the universe. SPEAK Your truth, use the laws of attraction. focus on your highest greatest expansive energy. I will write in more depth about this one.

Moon enters SC ORPIO at night




this is some wickedly wonderful magical deeply emotional energy for keeping that great attractor energy going. You know the caveat “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.” – these are very powerful aspects. ALWAYS INTEND WHITE MAGIC. 

NEW MOON is @ 10:38 am PDT/ 1:38 pm EDT/ 5:38 pm GMT


Halloween /SAMHAIN witches NEW YEAR is on OCT 31 at the dark moon time which is perfect and continues on into the Day of The Dead Nov. 1. 

It’s all perfect. 

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The vote and nomination begin on October 15, 2016 and ends on November 15, 2016 at midnight, New York time.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lovers in a Dangerous time


8 thoughts on “Scorpio throwdown this week, love and danger

  1. Donald trump is the face of america.He relates to many. The polls have hillary leading by 12 so thats a shift. Its like looking yourself in the mirror and you dont like that image. The sad fact is regardless of election the image still remains in many hearts but its all hidden.


    • what image are you talking about. I know some of what Donald says is true but that does not negate who he is and where he is coming from. I went to Washington with a friend of mine who is a serious spiritual inquirer and has been so for 30 years. She said don’t see either one of them as the lesser of two evils. She saw Hillary’s backing fo women and higher pay for everyone as a ray of enlightenment expansion. I have to agree with that. Humanity can be taking one incrementally small step but it is still a step to expand consciousness. inclusion is better


  2. I dont hear any insults or lies from Donald Trump. I hear lot downtalking from Hillary though. She is a lier and being a lawyer a good one at that. But she can fool some of the folks but not all. The majority of Americans have woken up to her deceptions. May the truth win at the end or else we are screwed.


    • You don’t hear any insults from D. Trump???? What are you listening to? They are both liars and manipulators. Unlike many I support Hillary as the better choice but not because what I think what she has done is good. Only that she is more open about women. I know all the bad things. Trump is equally a fool. Trump is a total wild card and is not experienced, he is not qualified, the fear where he comes from and his lack of experience is very dangerous especially at these times with Russia posturing so strongly. Hillary is experienced. This is LIBRA energy we are under. You can see the opposites and keep them in balance. Unfortunately you had an enlightened person running Bernie Sanders. When he was shut down that was the clue that there is no democracy. I have four planets in Libra. The thing about Libra is that you can see clearly the good and bad in both and hold that in an equal way. You choose according to that balance. The truth is too much for most people to handle and the truth is relative. We screw ourselves in fact and can’t blame that on anyone else. It takes a lot of intelligent fact finding to get to the bottom of the truth. We are in the Matrix. That is the truth but not the whole picture. Blessings


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