Wild Crazy Full Moon Inspirational Daily Card

Yowza such intense energies. Oct. 15

SUN URANUS opposition is this morning- feeling restless under the full moon?

Expect the unexpected. My daughter had her backpack stolen last night.

ARIES MOON Squares its ruling planet MACHO WARLORD MARS 11 minutes later. 

You may not be able to sleep tonight and be very careful if you are out partying. The energy will be very aggressive.

Moon sparks up a fire trine with Sagely SATURN in SAGITTARIUS also early a.m. 

Turn to some elders for wisdom. 

Moon opposes MERCURY in LIBRA still as the rooster crows

Seek balance. 

Moon squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN 

cardinal crosses to bear again. The tension is on for mid- Capricorns and Aries born peeps. also CANCER and LIBRA too of course.

MERCURY in LIBRA SQUARES PLUTO  at night. in those mid-degrees. 

choose the middle ay the middle path, break up arguments, see both sides of the issues. 

Moon conjuncts URANUS at 11:11 pm EDT

Fly me to Uranus so I can get a higher consciousness perspective. Be careful of spiked drinks, dangerous short tempers, around any guns and be extra conscious of whats going on around you. 

Moon opposes SUN at 9:23 pm PDT The FULL MOON

then moon goes VOID until SUNDAY morning.

 I think we need to go straight to the oracle and divine.


the world, Tarot cards, Tara Greene

The WORLD #21 The Tarot of the Sephiroth

The Universe or WORLD card is the last card in the deck that brings us down to earth to the practical everyday, physical world of limitations, gravity, aging, “chop wood and carry water.” All the necessary everyday maintenance that is life. 

Governed by planet SATURN of course, King of REALITY, this is where our enlightenment hits the pavement. It must “grow corn” as indigenous people would say. Enlightenment must be in every step we take, every act we do,every word we utter. We must walk, or rather dance our talk. There are hundreds of variations on this image these days. I tend to favor the traditional image of the FEMALE dancing naked at the center of the YONIVERSE. The soul is considered feminine. In most traditional decks the four elements are also shown equivalent to the 4 fixed Stars or 4 archangels.

When we take responsibility for creating everything in our lives, we are free. When we own our own elf-generating consciousness of the Universe we live in, then we are free. We can dance naked because we see who the creatress is. Nothing to hide either. United with the One consciousness we understand our place in the universe. We are the cosmos and the cosmos is within us.

Use this energy to guide you in this turbulent energy.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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5 thoughts on “Wild Crazy Full Moon Inspirational Daily Card

  1. This is better, though still a little ominous until that last paragraph. Do you think it was a typo or she meant “elf consciousness”?


  2. Hi. Excellent article about the transitory happenings in our universe Now. I am a Libra, and my Son is a Cancer, and we are feeling the full effects of the Cardinal Squares and Oppositions…….Hang on to your hat.


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