Pisces Lunar overload today

Oct 13
So much PISCES energy today. OY we are swimming in it.
The PISCES moon is all over the place. There are 7 aspects today. One for each chakra?
Pisces Moon astrology Tara Greene
1. Moon conjuncts its’ ruler NEPTUNE early in wee hours activating your dreams.
2. Moon inconjuncts Mercury in LIBRA-
being too dreamy or spaced out and can’t quite find the words.
3 & 4. Moon sextiles MARS and later PLUTO in CAPRICORN
this is an easy access to tone down all the anger, frustration,vitriol, pent up anger at the powers that be, calm down and reassess before acting out.
5. Moon squares SATURN in SAGITTARIUS in the a.m.
This is the pail of icy cold water when you are too drunk. What is it that you really need to see but are avoiding?
and MERCURY squares MARS at 5:00 pm EDT
there will be a lot fo yelling,counseling, power struggles, difficulty hearing the others’ points of view.
6. Moon inconjuncts the SUN in LIBRA
wishing, and hoping and thinking and praying, won’t necessarily make that dream lover appear.
7.Moon conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES at days end
Ok give in and cry, it’s healing, it releases pain, it will make you stronger. Go to bed and ask your subconscious to work out all the kinks, knots, troubles in your dreams.

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