No limits with Mars and Venus Astrology by Tara Greene

Planet Mars is now OUT OF BOUNDS, and South of the Equator until October 30th. The Red planet began moving beyond the boundaries of the Sun’s path against the earth on August 8, 2016. The boundaries that the Sun moves between are 23 degrees 27 minutes North or South,the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
All planets moving OOB indicates times when we are ‘taking it to the limits” and beyond as we are pushing past any limitations. The specific energies of the planets then factor into how they affect us. 
Venus will also go Out Of Bounds OOB, South from October 26 until December 3, 2016.
October 26-30th of OCTOBER will have both Mars and Venus moving OOB. OOB planets are wild, reckless, “can’t be tamed” Go their own way. Outlaws. Sexual roles are reversed or different. 
The USA Natal or Sibley chart has both Mars and Venus out of bounds moving in the same direction, North.
MARS OOB is violence, guns, explosions, protests, unbridled anger, kinky sex, BDSM. VENUS OOB is women’s liberation, changes in “normal” values, money, the markets, tastes and LOVE, dominant women or dominance of Feminine Values or energies. 
This should be very interesting as Venus will be OOB on ELECTION DAY moving  in the opposite directions from the Natal Birth chart of the nation. 
You could be born with Mars, Venus, The Moon, Mercury etc. OOB. you can find out at after you erect your natal chart just choose Additional Tables to find out.
Planets only Move OOB on specific occasions, sometime there are years when the Moon doesn’t move OOB for example. There are tables of these  on Cafe Astrology-although it doesn’t specify North or South declination.  see link below 
MARS out of bounds Astrology Tara  Greene
Mars painting in 1580 – Bartholomeus Spranger
MARS OOB can be extremely liberating for everyone. The Masculine is not defined in the usual way. It can explore many avenues. Mars is dominant energy, and MARS OOB can make men choose to discover their less dominant sides and allow themselves to be vulnerable, more receptive and nurturing. They can let their guard down and explore a wide range of feelings. They don’t have to be the big strong man now.  Love may feel strange. Men especially may appear to be acting strange at this time.
Libido’s can be super high, and super low,  as the energy is too extreme. Women also can explore their own Masculine side in a new way as well. This can bring couples closer and make relationships stronger. 
You may feel more selfish, as Mars rules ARIES and SCORPIO remember.  This could be a good thing for those who don’t normally think their rights matter.
MARS out of bounds also gives us extra energy to push ourselves physically in sex or any other physically demanding situation. Many of us can also feel this as extreme exhaustion too. Again this depends on your Natal Mars placements. 
People do not play by the rules, any rules.  It is a time of anarchy, protests, and major frustrations on many levels. People want to pick fights. This can be passive/ aggressive behaviours demonstrated. We have seen this happening all over. This is true especially for Aries and SCORPIO people and those with strong natal Mars placements.

One of the positive effects of Mars and Venus out of bounds is that it brings heightened creativity, especially with Venus OOB.  Get creative, use this released freed up energy to let feelings which have been held back out. Art as therapy, singing, painting, dancing. 

Those who don’t normally think their rights matter demand to be heard. We see this in the DAP  Indigenous Natives protests. The underdog pushes forwards. There can be backlashes from those in society who aren’t heard from. People are super hot headed and react very fast without thinking. I have noticed this a lot the last few months. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath and pause before responding. 


Venus OOB allows women to express themselves unrestrictedly from the norms. This can tale place at any and all levels. Women get to stretch through all of the Goddess energies, There are Warrior Goddesses and nurturing Goddesses. Goddesses of birth and death. This aspect also indicated women going through the “glass ceiling.”

Venus OOB also affects the stock markets of the world. Venus rules values, luxury etc. Venus OOB is liberating for beauty for the art world, for women artists. VENUS RULES LOVE, so let your love flow freely as in the 2 of cups in the Tarot.

Tarot card Love readings Tara Greene

VENUS RULES LOVE, so let your love flow freely, uninhibited, unrestricted. Love everyone. Practice radical acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. 

VENUS RULES BEAUTY Practice radical acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. 

Let your beauty show everywhere. See everything as beautiful.Practice radical acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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