Mars enters Capricorn, Corporate Astrology

Mars, the red planet of guys, Testosterone, the warrior planet/God, undisputed macho ruler, enters the Capricorn boardroom September 27-until-wait for it-NOVEMBER 8th Election Day in the U.S. at least he enters AQUARIUS in PDT @ 8:51 pm during election night.  Red is the color of the GOP’s of course. That gives The DONALD the edge.

Red Planet Mars

Capricorn is a lusty old goat. Capricorn as goat ruled, is derived from the ancient PAGAN goat-hoofed horned God PAN, the masculine Fertilizing energy of nature, which the Catholic church made into the DEVIL. – see below Saturn/SATAN who is the Devil, rules the sign of Capricorn.

MARS is Sexuality and competition

It’s earthy and dry, kinda cold and unemotional with Mars in Capricorn. It is sex for business.  Mars will be sexing up those hallowed halls of Corporate profit earnings and stats. Mars is anger and as we are already seeing American and Russian leaders and beaurocrats facing off at the UN. It will be a power-hungry, competitive, angry, driven, defensive, passionate six-week lesson in hard work, knuckling down, taking care of business. Whatever your business is.

Capricorn is earthy, grounded, conservative, straight-laced, follows the rules. Honors the fathers, history, solid business values. Capricorn does not like to get emotional, even though it is a feminine sign. Mars here may feel quite stifled. Remember Mars rules ARIES and SCORPIO, two very driven passionate active signs.

The 10th sign of career success and worldly acclaim, symbolizes the pinnacle of one’s public life. Saturn rules CAPRICORN traditionally he is the builder and architect. You may fall in love with a sexy construction worker these days. 

Mars will activate the markets conservatively. 

ALL Capricorn’s it’s your time to GET SEXY.  

Buy new underwear, get a new pair of working shoes. Impress the boss, your lady friend, or whomever.  You should be feeling HOT, ready to take care of business, and with much more energy during this time.  You can make big career strides get noticed, pump up your worldly status. Get Noticed. 

Mars pumps up all the earth signs too by Trine.

Do check out where Capricorn is in your natal chart to find out where MArs energies will be heating up your chart,

Ground your passion, love your work, make it real, practical. 

Yes it’s time to get in shape to climb your mountains, whichever ones they are. Capricorn rules the knees so do be watchful of them- too much sprinting isn’t good for sensitive vulnerable Capricorn knees and bones.

ARIES you get to have some patience with Mars in CAPRICORN. You can actualize things that you usually can’t finish.

SCORPIO you get to ground all your emotions. You must play by the ground rules if you really want to run the world. You may find the conservativeness, not to your taste.


MARS brings up anger at your father, bosses or authority in general. This can indicate bigger protests in the world against you know who and what.

Mars in the Tarot is the symbol of The TOWER #16

The Tower 9/11 tarot tara greene

Capricorn is THE DEVIL in the Tarot #15

David Van Gogh DEVIL Tara Greene TAROT

THE DEVIL by David Van Gogh painting

Traditionally THE DEVIL card,The opposite to and mate of the LOVERS #6 is about bondage to materialism, the ego, the physical plane, all business which Capricorn represents. 

Some big corporate structures are also likely to get blown up as Mars in Capricorn triggers literally the CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY again.


October 5 MARS Squares JUPITER

Oct. 19 MARS conjuncts PLUTO *****- very difficult aspect day

Oct 28 Mars squares URANUS 


FAMOUS MARS IN CAPRICORN PEEPS A lot of very sexy men 

Brad Pitt,- he will be fighting for his worldly position with his ex.

Marlon Brando,

David Bowie – sadly missed but I am beginning to channel him- stay tuned.  

Rod Stewart- fathering more children.

Robert Pattinson- he will be getting serious again. His career should start to move up.

Orlando Bloom- engagement to Katy Perry?

 Tom Selleck, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson, John Wayne, Albert Einstein, Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Humphrey Bogart, Taylor Lautner, George Harrison, Woody Allen, Ben Stiller, P- Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld,  Edgar Cayce, Aleister Crowley, Bob Marley, Walt Disney, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Ozzy Osbourne, Stephen Speilberg,  Jeff Goldblum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Shia Lebeouf, Alain Delon, Dave Guetta, Keith Urban, OSHO, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Edison, Goethe.

WOMEN with Mars in Capricorn- a who’s who of current pop stars-

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Bjork, Shakira, Patti Smith, 

Ann Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, Mia Farrow, Anna Nicole- Smith, Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich,  Frida Kahlo.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY , all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.


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6 thoughts on “Mars enters Capricorn, Corporate Astrology

  1. I am Capricorn rising. (Libra) I have never heard Capricorn explained this way and am a bit dismayed but fascinated. I really know very little about astrology but It does make me wonder about a particular situation in my life that I have been struggling with in the realm of purification or “clearing”. I’ve lead a rather Quiet peaceful life but these dark things now keep coming up in the person of a man I am in an “experience” with (can’t call it a relationship) and I have wondered Why…….is he the incarnation the of my ascendent?

    Makes me wonder if the ascendent relates in some way to past lives and karmic debt…….

    I actually awoke trembling about 5:30 am with thoughts that I now see clearly related to Mars entering cap. And since my husband died in 2013 I have felt this energy approaching me several times through men I met. Let me add that I have had 2 marriages with men who were very nice one particularly so….

    I wish I could have you work my birth chart because I am so blown away By your intelligent and poetic take on things.

    But as a retired widow I must ask what it costs knowing I probably can’t afford it.

    Anyway….your explanation of Capricorn does open a peep to the reason I may be So stuck trying to move beyond this situation and I think that alone may help me. Just as writing this out has already helped. Now I will try to figure out how to overcome my ascendant.


    Sent from my IPad.


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    • hi Sophie So nice to hear your resonance with this. Astrology is so very many layered- a 12 layer cake at least. The 12th house is traditionally the house of karma. Some astrologers say you have the same Ascendant every lifetime. Capricorn is a very misunderstood sign in modern Astrology. Traditionally it is the only Cardinal earth sign so it is FEMININE. It is ruled by SATURN the karmic teacher. We embody in the physical to learn our lessons here.There are old connotations from the Patriarchy with women being the devil and all of that associated with this. Part of me mistrusts this entire interpretation these days and I am being prompted to channel a whole ancient/modern system. Traditionally its symbol was a goat fish so it does have more to do with the depths of the emotions and the psyche which in modern terms are repressed. I am glad that something in what I said triggered you to be more aware. Blessings

      I have two options for chart readings. A short reading of 1/2 hr is $77 and an hour is $175.00

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