LEO MOON, purr, purr

A sleepy SUNDAY? not.

Moon enters Feline LEO at 6:48 am PDT/ 9:48 am EDT

you may feel like getting up and roaring. This is a Sunday to stand up courageously for what you believe in your heart is true. To display your passion, to wear your heart on your sleeve and to party. Leo is all about family and generosity, so gather the gang and host a big event.  Tune into your leadership aspects on Monday as well. 

“I am woman hear my roar,”  “I am a  STAR.”

Go see some theater or a live musical performance.  Leo is very creative and self-expressive. Make art. 

LEO Moon squares Venus

the DRAMA levels with be HIGH.

you need to be able to say what’s in your heart- loud and proud. 

Leo Lion August Astrology Tara Greene

The sextiles the SUN and jUPITER in LIBRA on the Super Galactic Center!

this is a very positive, upbeat, optimistic, aspect.

BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, find balance in yourself, throw positive vibes everywhere,

Say Yes, hug strangers, beautify something in your environment.

Previews of the last week of September- Yes I know WTF happened?

PLUTO turns DIRECT September 26. 

the dredging of the unconscious comes to a halt.

MARS enters CAPRICORN on Sept. 27

The action is very corporate, very grounded, very patient.

the second New Moon of September Oon the 30th in LIBRA. 

October 1st 

brings a lovely VENUS NEPTUNE trine on the 1st we will have a gallery opening in Toronto in the distillery district stay tuned. 

OCTOBER 2nd is Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year begins at sundown. It is also the Islamic New Year. The irony is that Jews and Muslims come from the same genetic stock, why they hate each other so much makes no sense. 

Have a great SUNDAY, stay sunny, protect the lions, do  what makes you purr. 


Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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