Biggest, Best, Brightest day of the year Now.

August 27 was one of the best days of the Year as VENUS and JUPITER met in VIRGO.  SEPT-EMBER 25/26 is really the biggest best and brightest day of the year as Jupiter and the Sun Align on the 25th @ 11:59 pm  PDT/ 2:59 am EDT and 6:59 am PDT. at 3+ degrees of LIBRA.

I would wait for the Witching hours of course to do your magic with tomorrow.

Most astrologers would agree that the SUN and JUPITER planet of positive, optimistic, feel good, energy combining is the best day of the year.

THE SUN is willpower, vitality, energy, heat, passion, drive, warmth, gold, the life force itself. The beginning of everything. “Let there be light.” The SUN itself was worshipped by  ancient cultures, Egypt, or Peru. Jesus is defined as the Light which really means the SUN. The SUN is the SOURCE, the LIGHT, God/Goddess itself. Astrologically your sun signs defines your ego, and represents self-identity.

JUPITER brings luck, it is the Wheel of Fortune in the TAROT which ACCELERATES everything. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter asks us to bold, to trust, to have faith. JUPITER was considered to be King of The Gods, Zeus, Yahweh, Thor. JUPITER rules SAGITTARIUS and PISCES.  On a spiritual level JUPITER is the planet of the higher mystical teachers. Jupiter is positive energy, risk taking, education, truth, and travel.

As LIBRA rules relationships, equality, peace, balance, and KARMIC justice, we would focus our highest strongest most positive LIGHT onto these issues in both our personal and collective dreams.

This is a great day for signing contracts, getting married, or starting any new enterprise,or simply setting new goals. Yes Luck is with you. Buy a lottery ticket. Gold prices may go up. Envision and empower any new project.  YOU ARE THE LIGHT. YOU ARE THE LIVING WILL of the GODDESS. You are a STAR.

The SUN is #19 in the TAROT                                    JUPITER is #10 The WHEEL of FORTUNE

Sun Tarot Card, Tara Greene tarot card reader

Thoth wheel Tara Greene TArot    Numerology of #19 The SUN and #10 The WHEEL OF FORTUNE = 29= 11.

SUN and JUPITER = a cosmic explosion of LIGHT.  This meet up expands our definition of our self-identities and definition of who and what we really are, into cosmic proportions.

TOGETHER these two cosmic bodies can work miracles. Connect with the LIGHT of the sun, and the HIGHER WILL and the higher wisdom teachers from all lineages and cultures, dimensions and wisdom you can shine with the light of a thousand  SUNS.

I will be doing ceremony tomorrow.


Sun Jupiter Eye of God, Tara Greene

the Numerology of the Arcana for the SUN= 19 and the WHEEL OF FORTUNE is #10 =29=11.

There combination reduces to the Master #11.

Get comfortable breathe, and center. send your energy from your SOLAR

First send your energy from your SOLAR PLEXUS, your 2nd chakra, down into Mother Earth’s inner sun.  Take as much time as you need to do this viscerally. connecting to the earth is the Feminine energy needed to balance the 2 masculine energies of Jupiter and Sun,

After you do this breathe up Mother EARTH’s crystalline energy into your 1st chakra, mixing it thoroughly there. Then combine it with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th which will open your 3rd eye and pineal gland, Then combine all the chakras with the 7th the crown at the top of your head.

These are the traditional 7 chakras.

8-11th CHAKRAS

Then we will go beyond these and you will send the energy up and out above your CROWN CHAKRA about a foot to your  golden star, your personal sun chakra, the 8th.


This is the energy center where we realize we are Infinite beings as the # 8 is the symbol of Infinity when turned on its side. The L. This chakra begins to bring us to much higher perspectives. We begin to realize we are not our ego’s at all.

After you feel the 8th chakra  remember to stay grounded. You may want to re-run all the energy through your chakras, Then proceed to extend your breath, consciousness, love and will out to the…


The 9th chakra, like the 9th house/sign  holds great wisdom from all ages, cultures, dimensions and teachers in one place. This would be where you access the Akashic records. You are conscious of all the wisdom learned from all your past lives. This chakra also balances masculine and Feminine energies.


This chakra, like the 10th sign and House, holds your highest potential as an individual soul.  All states of consciousness are accessed here. Supra, unconscious, collective, subconscious.


is enlightenment. It is all memories, and recall.We remember that we have experienced being everything that exists in the Universe.  We can acquire and access magical abilities of travelling beyond time and space, instant manifestation, etc.

These are higher consciousness chakras that most people do not know about or work with. Jupiteruiter rules travelers we are going beyond what was known. Be brave, be open, listen.

We are on a great vast cosmic voyage into opening our consciousness to the Light to become one with the LIGHT. That is why we are here, to return to God Consciousness of being the LIGHT which is unconditional love.

PLEASE DO SHARE WIDELY so that more may benefit.

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2 thoughts on “Biggest, Best, Brightest day of the year Now.

  1. Ho Tara,

    Great reading!

    luck is finally here. Keep me in your ceremony tonight . Thanks ,

    Carol Dhanoolal

    On Sunday, September 25, 2016, Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic and everything you need wrote:

    > Tara Greene posted: “August 27 was one of the best days > of the Year as VENUS and JUPITER met in VIRGO. SEPT-EMBER 25/26 is really > the biggest best and brightest day of the year as Jupiter and the Sun Align > on the 25th @ 11:59 pm PDT/ 2:59 am EDT and 6:59 am PDT. at 3+ degre” >


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