3 thoughts on “Thank you. Yes change takes a long time although time is speeding up. The new age light workers 5D stuff is too airy fairy and not grounded in actual psychological shadow work and is quite dangerous. 

    • The new age just focuses only the LIGHT, and in fact we always need to deal equally with our shadows or else we are ignoring where the greatest healing energy is. If you read Carl Jung, or any modern transpersonal psychotherapists or Debbie Ford or Jeff Brown any seriously holistic work must deal with the shadow aspects of the soul for it to have any real depth. Otherwise you are in la la land. The feminine energies are also all the dark chtonic energies. the pursuing the light is all earth negating, anti-feminine, anti embracing the range of all emotions which have power. i hope that clarifies things for you. You need to have the heavies to get light.This is a dualistic universe.


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