Wild fire trine,change is in the air

I hope you had a nice Pisces Harvest Lunar eclipse. Remember the Harvest Moon will look full for a few days. Lunar eclipse affects last a year. We are almost at EQUINOX. The Moon is in ARIES we’ve begun a new monthly cycle.

The Moon is in ARIES now and we’ve begun a new monthly cycle.

There’s a wild fire TRINE TODAY! 

Mars in SAGITTARIUS Trines Uranus & ERIS in ARIES trines asteroid PSYCHE at 23+ degrees LEO.

Fire Trines Astrology Tara Greene

This is rad. Give me my freedom Mars trine Uranus says. “Truth will burn like wildfire once the winds of change are blowing .”- You can quote me on that.  

A bunch of kids in the U.S. are legally allowed to sue the U.S. government for inaction on climate change. This is that kind of energy. ERIS is the troublemaker, shit disturber, war mongerer for the Divine Feminine. Asteroid PSYCHE in the mix is your deepest soul whisperings. She sorts out the wheat from the chaff, faces the impossible tasks dreams, piles of laundry and detritus. 

Speak your truth, the wilder the better, and fear not. 

Moon in Aries Opposite Jupiter in LIBRA 

Emotionally overcharged, too spontaneously wound up and needing to fan those flames down. Jupiter in Libra is all about being chill. Yes there are others who have needs too. You’ve just noticed it. 

Venus in LIBRA Inconjunct Chiron in PISCES

What was revealed during the Lunar eclipse may feel more painful than you realized as you must rebalance your relationships.  Venus in LIBRA will want to hide, cover it up, or sweeten it. The truth hurts, it’s there, it needs to be dealt with maturely.

Moon Trine Saturn and then Squares Pluto

The Moon is helped by Saturn in Sagittarius to make it easier to speak the truth, your truth and only the truth. Aries Moon squares PLUTO- there may be a battle of supremacy, jealousy, accusations, power and control issues.  Remember what famed Psychoanalysts Carl Jung

Aries Moon squares PLUTO- there may be a battle of supremacy, jealousy, accusations, power and control issues.  Remember what famed Psychoanalysts Carl Jung

there may be a battle of supremacy, jealousy, accusations, power and control issues as the shadows come out of their lairs.  Remember what famed Psychoanalysts Carl Jung said; “There are only two emotions Fear or Love.”  Which side are you on? Talk about it.Many relationships are based on needs and control, not on unconditional love which allows the other to grow and change.

All of this love energy of Venus in LIBRA is building up to;

Venus Opposite Uranus on the 18th @ 23 degrees Libra/Aries T-squared by VESTA in CANCER @ 20+

Love, Love, love, love, crazy, love.

This is another variation on the CARDINAL T-squares that we should be all too familiar with by now. LOVE Hurts, capital H enough to give you hemorrhoids and need preparation H.  The urge is to cover up, or try to make things look NICE. The urge is to burn the relationship down, blow it up or run away. Or blame yourself, But remember we are through with the old martyrdom issues. But Vesta in Cancer points us to our emotional investments not just financial or superficial ones. When all else fails what sustains us? Those who support us emotionally, who give us space to let out our real feelings, who provide safety and emotional security for us. This could be  family, close blood ties, or friends who are closer than family.

Weigh out wisely the balance between the superficial, the need for newness, for growth, to cut away what is old, and the urge to avoid it all with where the deepest and most essential emotional safety nets are. Who is really there for you in your life? Who are you there for as well? 

Please share widely. Your feedback is truly needed. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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