Red flag, Mercury squares Mars, conjuncts the Sun

Mercury owns this MONDAY. He is the closest buddy planet to the Sun. Known for governing thieves, he is a trickster planet. He reminds me of the swift meeping  road runner in the cartoons, who outwits Wile E. Coyote. Coyote is also known in Native Teachings for being the trickster too. This is the two sides of Mercury as he is an androgynous planet. He is both roadrunner and coyote, a dog chasing his own tail, another version of the Orobouros snake. All the wisdom in the world can be surmised through Loonie Toons of course.

Mercury God Astrology Tara Greene

I was thinking that during a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo such as this one, that we need to plead for Mercury Mercy.  It’s a red Flag Retrograde Mercury day. 

The MOON  is still in “eats anything” Goaty Capricorn which trines MERCURY in EDT and GMT in the wee hours.   

which trines MERCURY in EDT and GMT in the wee hours.   

Moon sextiles CHIRON in PISCES

Do watch what you consume on all levels.

Moon squares URANUS, still in wee hours and at 3:00 am PDT goes VOID OF COURSE.

A cardinal cross to bear in our dreams here in PDT and EDT. It will be 10:00 am GMT when Moon goes VOID.

The trickster in VIRGO squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS

for a convivial, fisticuffs-friendly punch up or a rousing rowdy row of words in the afternoon. All in good fun. Expect tempers to flare and hackles to be raised in the morning to afternoon.

MOON is VOID OF COURSE until 2:28 pm PDT/5:28 pm EDT/ 9:28 pm GMT when it enters AQUARIUS the double Lightning sign.  I think all the signs need to be renamed and reGoddesized.

Lightning MOON trines JUPITER in LIBRA 

this is only the 2nd aspect since Jupiter enters the sign of Balance on the 999. Get that thinking cap on and take notes. 

SUN conjuncts MERCURY which is the end of a Mercurial cycle and the beginning of a new one tomorrow. Mercury moves into a masculine phase now at 4:40 pm PDT/7:40 pm EDT/10:40 pm GMT.

Remember to stay centered and grounded. Walk in nature as much as possible. The latest trend is Shinrin Yoku 森林 浴  which is translated as Forest bathing. Robin Hood knew what he was doing. Walking in the woods, spending time with trees  is incredibly healthy.  


We are barely over the last eclipse and heading for the next one on Friday Sept. 16 with a big powerful Lunar eclipse of epic healing proportions at 24+ degrees PISCES smack dab on CHIRON the wounded healer, opposite Mercury in Virgo RETROGRADE and squaring Mars in SAGITTARIUS.  The Pisces Lunar eclipse is

The Pisces Lunar eclipse is governed by NEPTUNE at 10 degrees PISCES still Retrograde and exactly square to SATURN in Sagittarius. Yes that soft-focus Neptunian lovething versus that hard-edged cold steel unavoidable tax man Saturn is still upon us. No squirming away from it.

MARS at 23 Aquarius and ATHENA at 21 Aquarius are in sextile and form a YOD or Finger of God to VESTA the Goddess of investments in CANCER at 20 degrees.  

Vesta in CANCER is in sextile to MERCURY and the SUN in VIRGO which forms a YOD back to ATHENA in AQUARIUS! 

Then ATHENA is again involved in a sextile to ERIS and URANUS still in an exact conjunct at 23 degrees + a few minutes which are both forming a YOD to the SUN in VIRGO and very close to Mercury too. This is a real wild card. 

That’s a triple YOD involving ATHENA, with the SUN, MERCURY, MARS, VESTA .

ATHENA the warrior AMAZON Goddess, is clearly putting her spin onto this Lunar eclipse. More about this shortly.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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